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Lucifer Villains Ranked According To Intelligence


Facing ordinary, non-powered criminals is bad enough but when supernatural beings enter the picture, working as a detective suddenly becomes even harder. Chloe Decker in Lucifer learned this the hard way but she’s not the only one. All human characters had to deal with the fact that their lives would never be the same again once they discovered that angels and demons were real.

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In its five seasons, the show has introduced a fair share of villains, whether they are humans, demons, or angels. Some of them managed to get the best of the heroes while others failed, and more often than not, their intelligence had something to do with it!

10 Uriel

Uriel Lucifer

Unlike Amenadiel, Lucifer doesn’t get along with all of his siblings. That was also the case with Uriel, who had no problem with hurting the members of his family. Yet his plan to get Lucifer back to Hell failed. For such an old being, Uriel turned out to be surprisingly dense when he underestimated the lengths Lucifer would go to stay on Earth.

Even though Uriel had proclaimed he had the power to foresee things, when Lucifer stabbed him with the Azrael’s blade, Uriel confessed he didn’t see that coming. The lack of foresight makes him one of the least intelligent villains on the show.

9 Dan Espinoza

Kevin Alejandro as Dan in season5 of Lucifer

Yes, even Dan can be considered a villain since he did some unsavory things that negatively affected the characters. Most notably, he tried to kill Malcolm and the fault for Palmetto Street later fell at Chloe which made her into a pariah with the police. Dan was able to get with it which means he can be quite cunning.

However, he’s also somewhat naive and fell for Michael’s manipulation easily, so it depends. Instead of taking the time and thinking things through, Dan acted hurriedly and it resulted in him shooting Lucifer – when Michael was the one Dan should have gone after.

8 Michael

Tom Ellis as Michael in Lucifer season 5

Michael is the latest major villain on the show – but so far, his actions haven’t been all that impressive. He was determined to break Chloe’s heart to make Lucifer suffer but instead, he grew to like Chloe.

However, Chloe knew right from the start Michael wasn’t Lucifer and she eventually confronted him about it. Michael succeeded in Dan finding out the truth about Lucifer but his attempt to kidnap Chloe also failed when her friends found out where Michael held her and freed her.

7 Maze

Mane and Cain season 3 of Lucifer

Maze is an excellent fighter but she sometimes allows her emotions to cloud her judgment. She’s quick to anger and can grow bitter and vengeful if she feels like someone betrayed her. Maze has repeatedly stood against Lucifer, first when she teamed up with Cain and then when she worked with Michael.

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Even though Michael isn’t as smart as other villains on the show, he was still able to manipulate Maze into betraying Lucifer by telling her all the things Lucifer had kept from her. Maze sometimes lets her emotion get the best of her, and when it happens, she stops thinking. If she took the time to talk to Lucifer about what Michael had told her, perhaps the conflict between her and Lucifer wouldn’t have happened.

6 Goddess

The Goddess is one example that even a villain can see the error of their ways and change for the better. She escaped Hell and was hellbent (pun intended) to get revenge for the way her husband treated her.

She managed to get hold of Charlotte Richards’s body and it’s quite possible her plan might have worked out if she didn’t grow more attached to the Earth as well as her sons during her stay in Los Angeles. In the end, she was the one villain who wasn’t defeated by the heroes. That means she’s smarter some might believe.

5 Dromos

Dromos Lucifer

Dromos didn’t spend a lot of time in the show but he still managed to leave an impression. He devised a plan to get the Hell a new leader. Dromos managed to kidnap Linda’s and Amenadiel’s son Charlie and planned to bring him to Hell where Charlie would rule the demons.

And even though Lucifer stopped Dromos and the demons in the end, it did make him go back to Hell so one could say Dromos’s plan succeeded after all. That took some careful planning and it shows Dromos can use his brain just as well as his muscles.

4 Sinnerman

Sinnerman might have ranked higher but he turned out to be the puppet in Cain’s hands. However, he was still intelligent enough to convince Lucifer that he was the brain of the operation.

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He even managed to trap Lucifer at one point and when he knew he lost and Lucifer would get the truth out of him, he rather blinded himself than let it happen. Sinnerman acted like a fanatic sometimes but he was smart enough to trick even the Lord of Hell himself which is an impressive feat.

3 Pete

Ella Pete Lucifer

Lucifer has had a fair share of murderers – but Pete was by far one of the worst ones. As a serial killer with no emotions, Pete pretended to be the perfect boyfriend for Ella even though he originally planned to kill her.

He was smart enough to fool both Ella and Chloe, but not smart enough to better hide the evidence of his murderous activity in his apartment. Ella found out what he was hiding and subsequently, Pete was forced to reveal his true nature.

2 Father Kinley

Father Kinley is one of the few major villains who are perfectly human. Despite that, he presented a serious threat to Lucifer because he was able to hit him where it hurts. Father Kinley persuaded Chloe that Lucifer was evil when she learned the truth about Lucifer being the Devil. He then gave Chloe the instructions on how to banish Lucifer back to Hell. Manipulated by Father Kinley, Chloe almost did it.

Chloe is a smart person but father Kinley knew how to pull her strings to make her turn into Lucifer. He wouldn’t be able to do that if he wasn’t exceptionally intelligent. Father Kinley also tried to kill Eve and might have succeeded if it wasn’t for Maze.

1 Marcus Pierce

Marcus Pierce and Chloe Decker in Lucifer

Marcus Pierce was a complex character. On one hand, he seemed like a man capable of true feelings, love, and remorse. On the other hand, he didn’t shy away from murder. Combined with Tom Welling’s charismatic performance, that made Marcus (or Cain, really) fun to watch.

He was able to trick Chloe into falling for him and pass as an ordinary human. Not even Lucifer initially realized who Pierce truly was. And even though Pierce later died, he still forced Lucifer to reveal his true identity to Chloe and managed to kill Charlotte Richards. After his long centuries of life, Cain was definitely one of the smartest villains on the show.

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