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Maci & Taylor Reveal They May Soon Move On from the Show

Maci Bookout Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom OG’s Maci Bookout and husband Taylor are contemplating leaving the show and moving on with their lives off-camera, despite the fame.

Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney are thinking about whether or not they want to continue on with filming Teen Mom OG in the future. Fans first met Maci on season one of 16 and Pregnant, and got to know her further when she started appearing on its spin-off show Teen Mom. Throughout her time on the show, Maci has been very open about her struggles with co-parenting with her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Ryan Edwards. After finally breaking it off with Ryan, and dating around a little, Maci met Taylor, and the rest was history. The two have since gotten married and have had two children of their own, a daughter Jayde and a son Maverick.

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Maci’s relationship with Ryan has always had its ups and downs, but it seemed like this season took place during a record low point for the co-parents. Their son Bentley expressed his concerns about seeing his dad, requesting they go to therapy so they can work to rebuild their relationship. What seemed like a simple request, did not go over well with Ryan, his wife Mackenzie, or Ryan’s parents. To Ryan and his family, this request seemed like it was a plan orchestrated by Maci, in order to keep Bentley away from them. Ryan’s dad then went to the tabloids and things went from bad to worse. Through it all, Bentley’s private life and his emotions were on full display for the MTV cameras and the world to see.

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While being interviewed for the Dad Up podcast, Maci and Taylor revealed they are starting to think about putting the show behind them and start living their lives without the cameras. As InTouch reports, the couple thinks about leaving the show at the end of every season, but this time is different. More so this year than in years past, the couple is leaning more towards potentially leaving. They are putting their kid’s needs high on the list of things to consider when it comes to making this decision. Bentley and his personal issues were a big part of this past season, as compared to others. Usually, the show focuses less on the kids and more on the struggles of the parents, but this season was different for Bentley. This could be a contributing factor in Maci’s decision on whether or not to quit the show.

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Bentley will be a teenager when Teen Mom OG cameras pick back up to film its next season. As Maci points out, Bentley will be entering middle school next year, which is a challenging time for any kid, not to mention a kid whose life is documented on TV. She says her other children are also getting older, and she doesn’t know how she will be able to incorporate them into the show since they won’t be around as much. In addition to Bentley starting middle school, her daughter Jayde is going into the first grade, and her son Maverick is starting kindergarten. Their lives are about to get a whole lot busier. Maci added she’s okay with continuing to film the show, but there is a lot she and Taylor still need to consider.

One thing that remains unknown, is what Maci and Taylor will do if they do in fact decide to leave the show. Will they leave Teen Mom OG and trade that show for another, or will they decide to leave the reality TV world for good? Unlike other moms who appear on the show, Maci and Taylor have used their platform to start a successful clothing line. Not to mention, Maci has become a spokesperson and advocate for PCOS research. It isn’t clear what these two will do if they choose to leave, but it seems like they have a lot going for them, and will definitely figure something out. If they do choose to leave and you find yourself missing Maci, they will live on in the reruns.

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