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MAFS Spin-Off Is A Dream Come True, Says Dr. Viviana Coles


Screen Rant interviewed Dr. Viviana Coles, relationship expert from MAFS, and found out why she is so excited about the new spin-off, Unmatchables.


The new Married at First Sight spin-off, Unmatchables, is more than just a paycheck to Dr. Viviana Coles. After four seasons of helping couples on Married at First Sight, she jumped at the chance to be part of this new series alongside fellow relationship expert Pastor Cal Roberson. When Screen Rant spoke with Dr. Coles, she explained why the chance to be part of Unmatchables was a dream come true for her.

Dr. Coles joined the panel of experts on Married at First Sight during season nine. Before joining the show, she was working as a relationship counselor, having earned her doctorate in marriage and family therapy. Lifetime has already announced several more seasons of Married at First Sight, but for the applicants who the experts don’t think are ready for a long-term relationship, they may have the chance to be on Unmatchables,

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This show isn’t just a copy of Married at First Sight, or, as Dr. Coles put it, “Hashtag this ain’t MAFS!” Unmatchables focuses on couples who are having trouble dating, let alone getting married. This means they need more intervention than the people on Married at First Sight, and that’s Dr. Coles’ favorite part. “We get to have a lot more fun! We get to be very bold and radical in the way we work with them, which is a dream come true to me! There’s so many times when I’ve wanted to do fun things with clients to get a message across. This has given us the opportunity to really shake things up in a way that I don’t think anyone has ever seen before.”

Just because the experts, who have both found their happily ever afters, are using creative ways to address people’s issues doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games. Dr. Coles says they get right to the heart of the problem. “We don’t have time to mince words. There’s no beating around the bush because we have one week with these singles to really get them to a place where, by the end of their week with us, they go on a blind date and showcase for themselves and possibly for the other person on the date what they’ve learned about themselves and maybe some small improvements that come from the process.”

Not everything you see on reality shows is real, but when talking to Dr. Coles, it’s clear she is genuinely passionate about helping people create healthy, lasting relationships. She would encourage viewers to learn what they can from the show, too. “Take lots of notes! Every episode is self-encapsulated, so they can learn a little something from everybody and the next week they’ll get something else. We all have to work on some of these things.” Viewers can catch Unmatchables Wednesdays on Lifetime.

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