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Mark Strong Won’t Rule Out Kingsman 3 Return

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In a recent interview to promote Cruella, Mark Strong claims that he will not rule out a return as Merlin for the Kingsman franchise just yet.

In a recent interview, Mark Strong claims he won’t rule out a return for the Kingsman franchise. Strong, known for his strong on screen presences and versatile acting ability, portrayed Merlin for the first two films in the series. Due to the high praise from critics and fans, the franchise is set for a major expansion with seven sequels in the works by the Marv Group and director Matthew Vaughn.

Strong’s performance as Merlin was a large part of what made the first two films work. Merlin, also known as Hamish Mycroft, acted as the technical expert for the organization, in addition to facilitating the organization’s candidate testing for new members. His character reminded fans of Q from the James Bond franchise, if Q had no qualms taking out an enemy with a high caliber rifle or his bare hands. Unfortunately, audiences watch the character meet his end just before the climactic final battle in Kingsman: The Golden Circle after stepping on a landmine.

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However, during an interview with JoBlo Celebrity Interviews on YouTube to discuss his part in Disney’s Cruella, the pair discuss the possibility of Strong’s return. They talk about the upcoming installment set in the past, what Strong admired about working on the previous entries, as well as why he doesn’t believe he should close the door on his reintroduction. Strong said:

I don’t know, I mean I would love to because I love making those movies and I thought that triumvirate, that collection of me, Collin [Firth] and Taran [Egerton] was a great little gang. I was quite sad, I think as were a lot of people when he comes to his dynamic end at the end of the second one. I think there is a third one mooted and you know that universe anything can happen. I mean Colin got shot in the eye, comes back and he’s fine. It’s fantasy so I’m not ruling it out.

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It is hard to forget with all of the realistic-seeming action and dark tones of the films that they are just as Strong describes, a fantasy. A reintroduction of a character is as easy as creating a believable moment that can appease fans of the universe. They could bring Merlin in Tony Stark style and have his character continue to work with the team as a hologram preloaded onto a hard drive in case of his demise, or they could bring him back as pieces of a man rebuilt together with the latest high tech prosthesis the series has been known to highlight. Anything is possible, whether or not it will be satisfying is another story entirely.

For the upcoming continuation of the story of Eggsy and the Kingsman, it would be a wise decision to give the character a bit more time to shine. The leads do such a great job with one another, it’s easy to become entranced with their performances, as well as the world they build around themselves. Strong was a part of a couple of the series’ most memorable moments, so it would only be fitting to allow him to create some more. Do not close the door yet on Merlin’s resurrection, Strong certainly is not.

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Source: JoBlo Celebrity Interviews

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