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Marvel Fan Snuck Into Mark Ruffalo’s Car With Loki Fan Art

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Kevin Feige recalls a fan who snuck into Mark Ruffalo’s car during an Avengers press tour to give the actor her Loki fan art for Tom Hiddleston.

A Marvel fan once succeeded in sneaking into Mark Ruffalo’s car and showing the actor the Loki fan art she had made. The God of Thunder’s misfit brother, Loki, first appeared in the MCU in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor in 2011, played by Tom Hiddleston. In Thor, Loki is a complicated and fairly antagonistic figure, but it wasn’t until the first Avengers film a year later that the Trickster God got to go full supervillain. As a jealous, lonely brother or a conniving megalomanic, the character’s charisma and wicked humor made him an all-time fan-favorite.

After eleven years portraying the God of Mischief, Hiddleston is finally leading his first solo Marvel project on Disney+’s Loki. This series is the third Marvel television show for the streaming service, and the seventh MCU project to feature Hiddleston as Loki. Hiddleston is just as enthusiastic as ever to be a part of the character’s journey, and fans couldn’t be happier to get more of their favorite anti-hero. In fact, some of Loki’s fans can be just as crafty as him when it comes to meeting their heroes.

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Marvel Head, Kevin Feige, recalled in EW‘s recent profile of Hiddleston that the intensity of the Loki fandom was evident fairly early in the development of the MCU. During the press tour for the Avengers movie in 2012, a Russian fan slipped into Mark Ruffalo’s car to ask the Hulk actor to pass her Loki fan art along to Hiddleston. Feige noted, “That was one of the early signs there was much more happening with this quote-unquote villain.”

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The fan evaded Ruffalo’s security team during a press stop in Russia when they mistook her for the actor’s publicist. Ruffalo observed that the fan was thrilled and surprised by the success of her own ruse, but quickly got down to business to request that Ruffalo deliver her Loki art to Hiddleston himself. If Ruffalo’s ego was bruised by this incident he kept that to himself, but he did note that Russia really loves Tom Hiddleston.

Hiddleston has had many other roles during his tenure in the MCU, but his devotion to the lore and history of Loki is part of what makes his portrayal of the character resonate so powerfully with audiences. From teaching “Loki School” on the show’s set to showing up in character at Comic Con, Hiddleston’s dedication to his role is that of a deeply committed and spirited actor. Many actors in the MCU share personality traits with the characters they portray, but Hiddleston shares his passion and knowledge base with the MCU fandom itself, and the fans respect that. When the Loki show premieres, Hiddleston is likely to receive plenty of fan art, but probably not via Mark Ruffalo.

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