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Marvel Made A Hero Immortal And Completely Forgot About It

X Men Dazzler

Marvel Comics has made numerous hints that Dazzler is immortal, but over time, it seems they’ve completely forgotten that’s the case.

Marvel Comics has forgotten one of its heroes is immortal. Over the years, it has long been implied in different stories that the mutant Dazzler can’t die as she’s survived certain death on a handful of occasions. However, it’s never been officially confirmed that the character is, in fact, unable to die, and it seems Marvel has decided to just give up explaining the ability.

Dazzler was first introduced during the disco craze over the 1980s, as Marvel worked with a record company to create a hero that would appeal both inside the comics and in the music world. While the character’s real-life music career fizzled out before a song was ever released, the hero has been an important member of the X-Men since debuting, despite initially being introduced as a gimmick. Besides being a disco/pop star with an amazing singing voice, Dazzler’s main powers are the ability to manipulate sound into light – but in a few different comics, she’s teased as being immortal.

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Dazzler’s immortality appeared in New Excalibur #1, as she suffered a heart attack while fighting a dark version of Jean Grey and an alternate version of the X-Men. However, as she’s about to get zipped up in a body bag, she suddenly comes back to life and is resuscitated by the team. It’s even joked in a later issue that she’s immortal, with the Dazzler responding she has “no grey hairs yet.” Dazzler would be killed again by Black Tom Cassidy, and as she laid lifeless on the ground, she suddenly sprung back to life. Dazzler would keep dying and being brought back to life when finally an issue of A-Force addressed the unknown powers.

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Dazzler Immortality

After being killed earlier in the series, Dazzler reawakens once again in A-Force #4. She-Hulk straight-up asks her if dying is “something you do a lot?” and when asked how her immortality works, Dazzler tells her she has no idea. Dazzler jokes she’s like a cat with nine lives as She-Hulk tells her the team is willing to help her figure out what’s going on. And that’s the last Dazzler’s immortality was ever brought up.

Is Dazzler immortal? The answer, based on her deaths and subsequent resurrections in the comics, seems to suggest yes. Has Marvel ever explained how she is immortal or has the ability been brought up in recent years? No. Dazzler’s immortality is one of the publisher’s biggest unanswered questions. For now, it appears Marvel is content with never explaining the power. At least Dazzler has an extra failsafe assuming the X-Men’s resurrection protocols are ever shut down for good?

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