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Marvel Meets The Magic School Bus With A Field Trip To Asgard

In a preview for Marvel’s Strange Academy, the students of the Sorcerer Supreme are headed on a field trip, not unlike the Magic School Bus.


Thus far in Strange Academy, the Sorcerer Supreme’s new school has proven to have all kinds of wonders and dangers in store for the next generation of magic users in the Marvel Universe. While there have been a few near-death experiences (like with Emily Bright and Doyle Dormammu), the school’s powerful faculty have done their best to keep their pupils safe as they learn how to harness, control, and wield their powers and abilities for the betterment of the universe.

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Now, Strange Academy #10 from Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos reveals that the students are going on their first official field trip to Asgard. Hopping aboard an actual school bus to ride the Bifrost Bridge to the Realm of the Gods, it looks as though the students are all quite excited, despite the fact that King Thor is unable to give them a tour himself. Here’s the synopsis for the issue as well as the preview images from Marvel Comics:

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  • The students of Strange Academy are off on their first field trip. Hope everyone got their permission slips in!
  • They’re off to Alvi & Iric’s home– ASGARD– where you’ll something truly shocking about these twins!
  • Emily hasn’t fully recovered from the events of #6… will she find something in Asgard to help her heal?

It seems likely that the big reveal about Alvi and Iric has something to do with their mysterious and yet-to-be-identified mother, especially since Iric in particular doesn’t want to talk about her. In any case, it appears as though the students of Strange Academy will have none other than Volstagg of the Warriors Three to show them around Asgard, which means their first stop will most likely be the banquet hall. Furthermore, the synopsis also reveals that Emily Bright may find something in the halls of Asgard to help her deal with her recent ordeal where she almost died (had she not been saved by Doctor Strange).

Whatever happens, it’s pretty awesome that the Strange Academy has its own classic school bus, bringing the vibes of the classic Magic School Bus show to the series with some Marvel flair. Hopefully, the students of Doctor Strange will learn some awesome things about Asgard, providing them with a great educational field trip only the Marvel Universe can provide. Perhaps readers might learn something new about Thor’s kingdom as well.

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