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Marvel’s Avengers Won’t Get A Full Rework To Loot & Gear, Per Devs

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The developers of Marvel’s Avengers have confirmed that the game won’t receive a 2.0 rework of its gear and loot system, despite fan requests.

The developers of Marvel’s Avengers have confirmed that the gear and loot system won’t be reworked in the future. The game has received several updates since its launch, but fans have asked for the current loot system to be remade from the ground up.

Marvel’s Avengers has been criticized for pushing cosmetics over in-game rewards, which is a major detriment to a game where players are supposed to grind for gear. The recent Red Room Takeover event received backlash for saving most of its best items for the paid store. Marvel’s Avengers is often criticized for its gear feeling underwhelming, with it mostly providing stat boosts or improvements to existing abilities.

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The developers of Marvel’s Avengers were asked about a loot 2.0. update during a livestream, as fans are expecting the entire gear and loot system to be replaced in a significant update. According to Forbes, the devs quashed this idea, stating that the improvements to Marvel’s Avengers loot system would be gradual and take place over smaller updates.

Marvel's Avengers Red Room Takeover event

Marvel’s Avengers is in dire need of a full rework of its system. The aim of the game on the developer’s side is to keep players playing so that they have an incentive to pay for the cosmetic items. This is a case of putting the cart before the horse, as the loot is so boring that there is no incentive to play. The high-end gear doesn’t have enough impact on gameplay, at least when compared to similar titles. A full rework of the gear system that made it feel as it had a real impact on the characters might be the thing that could save Marvel’s Avengers, but that doesn’t appear to be on the cards for now.

Then again, it might not be possible to create a fun loot system in Marvel’s Avengers with all of the pieces involved. In a game like Diablo or Skyrim, there is a lot of scope for the player to craft the appearance of a character and improve upon their gear and powers over time. It’s easy to take an elven fighter, start them with a wooden shield & sword, and turn them into an epic hero over time. In Marvel’s Avengers, the appearance and the abilities of the characters are already set. There’s only so much room for growth in regards to these established heroes, so no amount of experience points or loot will matter. The feeling of character growth is a major component in loot-based games, and Marvel’s Avengers just doesn’t have that.

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