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Marvel’s Green Lantern Took Out Thanos Without Even Trying

Marvel Thanos Green Lantern Doctor Spectrum Heroes Reborn

Doctor Spectrum showed a different way the Avengers could have stopped Thanos, as he goes for the hand – not the head – in new Heroes Reborn previews.

Warning! Spoilers for Heroes Reborn #4 by Marvel Comics below.

Marvel’s Green Lantern is about to take on Thanos and it seems like he’ll have the upper hand on the remixed supervillain. In the Heroes Reborn universe without the Avengers, Thanos wields Infinity Rings instead of an Infinity Gauntlet, as he’s effectively become a Green Lantern villain – but that won’t stop Doctor Spectrum from ending the Mad Titan’s reign.

The Heroes Reborn universe has made Marvel’s pastiches of the Justice League the most powerful heroes in a world where everything and everyone has changed – save for Blade, who knows the reality isn’t what it’s supposed to be. The Squadron Supreme, who are all analogs of DC heroes, is led by Hyperion (Superman), who seems to have orchestrated the new reality in his own image. The next issue of the series will shine the spotlight on Doctor Spectrum, who’s Marvel’s Green Lantern. In new previews, Doctor Spectrum, who’s a space cop (just like Hal Jordan) has his sights set on Thanos and shows MCU heroes an effective way to stop him.

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Heroes Reborn #1 showed Thanos avoiding death and battling against Doctor Spectrum with his Infinity Rings. However, previews for Heroes Reborn #4 by Jason Aaron, James Stokoe, and Ed McGuinness (H/T Superherohype) show a rematch between the pair (although it could be a flashback) where Spectrum shows an efficient strategy to stop Thanos. Spectrum has clearly made some enemies across the galaxy, as Rocket Raccoon and Groot are hired by the Kree and Skrulls to kill him. Meanwhile, the Watcher – who was blinded by Doctor Spectrum – brings in his own forces to stop him.

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Thanos Doctor Spectrum
Thanos Doctor Spectrum

Being one of the most wanted people in the galaxy doesn’t stop Doctor Spectrum from enacting law and order across the galaxy. He’s seen fighting Thanos and using his Power Prism (and a massive gun) to sever the Mad Titan’s Infinity Rings straight off his hand by slicing off his fingers.

Thanos Doctor Spectrum

Doctor Spectrum isn’t afraid to use violence to enforce justice, which surely helped in making him enemy number one among some of the biggest cosmic threats in the universe. It also shows a method the Avengers could have used in Infinity War and Endgame, as cutting off Thanos’ arm seems like a pretty good strategy to prevent him from snapping – although, that logic would have made little sense storywise as the Mad Titan defeating the heroes led to the events of Endgame. Like Doctor Spectrum, going for the hand could have stopped half of all reality from being snapped from existence. Heroes Reborn #4 is in comic book stores later this week from Marvel Comics.

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Source: Superherohype

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