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Marvel’s New Avengers Figured Out The Best Way To Stop The Hulk


The Squadron Supreme, who have effectively become the new Avengers in the Heroes Reborn Universe, figured out how to stop the Hulk.

Warning! Spoilers for Heroes Reborn #1 by Marvel Comics below.

In the Heroes Reborn Universe, the Squadron Supreme of America are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as the Avengers never formed – and they had a perfect way to stop the Hulk. In Marvel’s Heroes Reborn #1, it’s revealed when Bruce Banner first Hulked-out, the Squadron Supreme dealt with him immediately, stopping him from causing destruction by trapping him in the Negative Zone.

The Squadron Supreme was originally introduced as evil pastiches of the Justice League. The heroes all had direct counterparts they were based on in the DC Universe, as Hyperion resembled Superman, Power Princess was Wonder Woman, Nighthawk was Batman, Whizzer was the Flash, and Doctor Spectrum was based on the Green Lantern. Over time, the group has taken both heroic and villainous paths, with the Squadron Supreme becoming the greatest heroes on Earth in the new Heroes Reborn event where the Avengers cease to exist. In that mysterious new universe, where Blade is the only hero who remembers the actual Marvel Universe, the Squadron Supreme found a great way to deal with the Hulk.

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In Heroes Reborn #1 by Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, Matthew Wilson, and Cory Petit, the fate of the Avengers heroes in a universe where the Avengers never banded together is revealed. Jennifer Walters never received powers and practiced law in Los Angeles, Tony Stark was never trapped in a cave or became Iron Man, and Thor turned into a hard-drinking Athiest who hated Mjolnir. However, Hulk’s fate is one of the darkest, as it’s revealed that after he first Hulked-out more than five years ago, he was thrown into the antimatter prison, the Negative Zone, by Hyperion and was “never to be heard from again.”

Hulk Fate Heroes Reborn

Trapping Hulk in the Negative Zone isn’t the worst strategy, as it keeps him far away from Earth in a prison that’s pretty much impossible to escape. However, just because he’s trapped doesn’t mean readers won’t see the Hulk in this event as future teases for Heroes Reborn indicate he will try to break out of the Negative Zone and face off against Hyperion alongside Ultron and Annihilus.

The Squadron Supreme seemingly made no effort to rehabilitate the Hulk after his first incident, which is likely going to bite them in the face if the Jade Giant figures out how to break out from the Negative Zone. Considering most of Bruce Banner’s time as the green monster will be spent in the prison of the Negative Zone, Hulk probably won’t be happy to see Hyperion – even if throwing him in the prison was a solid plan in the first place.

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