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Marvel’s New Version of Thor’s ‘Warriors Three’ Is Even Better

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In the latest issue of Marvel’s Beta Ray Bill, Thor’s mightiest ally just got his own Warriors Three, and they’re a pretty hilarious bunch.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Beta Ray Bill #2 

In the latest issue of Marvel’s Beta Ray Bill, the mighty Korbinite warrior just got his own epic version of Thor’s Warriors Three. Recently, Beta Ray Bill has been struggling without his hammer Stormbreaker (which Thor broke). As a result, Bill has been unable to achieve his former glory, and he’s also been unable to transform back into his more humanoid form like he used to thanks to his hammer. However, he did just get some surprising new wingmen to help him in his quest for a new weapon, and they’re just as amazing as the original Warriors Three of Asgard.

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In Marvel Comics, Thor has a band of loyal warriors who’ve always had his back: Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun. However, Beta Ray Bill has just gotten his own Warriors Three in his new series from Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer, and they aren’t even allies Bill was looking for. While he had fully intended to search for a new weapon on his own aboard his sentient AI ship known as Skuttlebutt, Bill soon discovers that he has a stowaway in the series’ second issue, and it is none other than Skurge the Executioner. Despite having died, Skurge decides he wants to leave Valhalla due to its lack of guns and he sympathizes with Bill’s plight, determined to become his tried and true wingman in his new quest.

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Furthermore, Pip the Troll soon makes his presence known in the issue as well, admitting that he finds Bill to be an inspiration and offering his help. While Bill certainly isn’t looking for allies he now has them all the same, and both Skurge and Pip are determined to have his back even after Odin guides Bill to the hellish realm of Muspelheim to claim Surtur’s Twilight Sword. Likewise, their travels to Muspelheim alter Bill’s ever-loyal Skuttlebutt, and the sentient ship is remarkably given a new humanoid form. As a result, Skuttlebutt makes a new Warriors Three for Beta Ray Bill.


All in all, it’s pretty funny that Bill is apparently so noble as a hero that a brand new Warriors Three essentially forms around him in spite of his efforts to go solo. Furthermore, it’s going to be absolutely hilarious to see this new Asgardian team’s dynamics in future issues, especially considering the fact that Skurge has essentially become the gun-obsessed version seen in the MCU’s Thor: Ragnarok (played by Karl Urban).

Regardless, Beta Ray Bill now has a band of warriors of his own to aid him in his quest to Muspelheim, which certainly seems to warrant some backup. According to Odin, Muspelheim is a dark and fiery realm where the gods send monsters and those of their own they can’t control to be tortured and haunted. Clearly, it’s not the best place to vacation in Marvel’s Ten Realms, but now Bill’s version of Thor’s Warriors Three will be there to back him up in his search to replace his mighty hammer. Here’s hoping they succeed in future issues of Beta Ray Bill from Marvel Comics.

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