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Marvel’s Version of Flash Just Stole Spider-Man’s Worst Idea

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In the latest issue of Heroes Reborn, it’s revealed that Marvel’s version of the Flash, the Blur, has stolen the worst idea Spider-Man has ever had.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Heroes Reborn #3 and Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom #1

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Heroes Reborn, Marvel’s version of The Flash just stole the worst idea Spider-Man ever agreed to: livestreaming their heroics. With the newly revamped Marvel Universe having the Squadron Supreme of America standing in as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the speedster known as The Blur is now one of the biggest superheroes around. However, he also is the most hyperactive and has next to no attention span. As a result, he’s apparently decided to livestream his battles as they’re happening. Coincidentally, this is exactly what Spider-Man finally stopped doing in the normal Marvel Universe.

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In the recent giant-sized issue of Amazing Spider-Man: King’s Ransom #1 from Nick Spencer, Patrick Gleason, Federico Vicentini, and Federico Sabbatini, Spider-Man ditched his worst suit ever. It had been given to him by Marvel’s version of Buzzfeed, known as Threat and Menaces, which J. Jonah Jameson is now a part of. While it certainly made him stronger and faster, the reason it was so terrible was that it also livestreamed all of Peter Parker’s heroics, as well as having him answer polls and tell jokes that were submitted by subscribers. Effectively, Spider-Man became a massive sell-out, though he thankfully reached the end of his rope and went back to his old threads in this recent issue.

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Coincidentally, The Blur is doing the same thing in Heroes Reborn #3 from writer Jason Aaron and artists Federico Vicentini and Matt Milla. Not only does he have an insane amount of televisions all on simultaneously in his apartment, but he also games, tweets, chats, and takes selfies using over 20 different phones simultaneously. However, it seems as though life is still way too slow for Marvel’s Flash, which is why he’s been motivated to livestream his battles just like Spider-Man had been doing, even taking polls to see how his viewers want him to take his foes down such as the Silver Witch (Wanda Maximoff with the powers of her brother).


While very similar, it should be noted that it doesn’t seem as though Blur has any sponsors or any kind of paycheck like Spider-Man was receiving. As a result, while Blur’s social media interactions make him less of a sell-out than the Webslinger’s did, it’s still compromising nonetheless. Regardless of Blur’s extremely fast mind, livestreaming while fighting suggests a disregard for what’s going on as there’s still a risk that it could be distracting, especially considering how cocky the hero is. Not only that, but Spider-Man’s villains starting subscribing in order to track his movements and avoid him, something Blur should also be wary of.

In any case, Spider-Man already proved how compromising and distracting livestreaming one’s heroic feats can be, though it certainly seems to fit the hyper hero much more than it did for Spider-Man, who never should have agreed to wear the suit in the first place. That being said, it doesn’t seem as though Marvel’s version of The Flash has been given any reason to stop, despite the fact that it’s proven to be a very bad idea. Social media and superhero-ing apparently shouldn’t mix.

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