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Mass Effect 2: How to Make Grunt Loyal

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Grunt is a Krogan super soldier available as a companion in Mass Effect 2. Here’s how to gain Grunt’s loyalty by completing a questline on Tuchanka.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition features a slew of companions that can aid players in their fight against the Geth. Companions’ loyalty can be gained through the completion of their respective loyalty quests. Mass Effect 2 has a Krogan companion named Grunt whose loyalty can be earned by completing his Rite of Passage. Here’s how to complete the Rite of Passage and make Grunt loyal in Mass Effect 2.

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Grunt is a super-soldier genetically engineered to be the pinnacle of Krogan warriors. He was grown and educated in a tank and has a natural bloodlust that is only quenched through fighting. Commander Shepard eventually takes Grunt’s tank on board the Normandy and Grunt becomes an available companion for Mass Effect 2 players.

After completing the mission “Horizon” and waking Grunt from his tank, players will encounter Grunt distressed in the cargo hold. Grunt will detail his increasing need to kill and asks Shepard for help. After this interaction, players will be able to travel to Tuchanka and complete Grunt’s Rite of Passage questline to gain his loyalty. Make sure Grunt is in the party and head to the leader of Clan Urdnot on Tuchanka to begin the Rite of Passage quest.

Mass Effect 2: How to Gain Grunt’s Loyalty with the Rite of Passage

The Rite of Passage consists of three waves of enemies, culminating in a small boss fight against a Thresher Maw. Once players are taken to the traditional Rite of Passage grounds, they will need to activate the keystone switch near the location where Shepard is standing. It’s a good idea to run around the grounds looting before beginning the first wave, but not essential. Once players have activated the keystone, the first wave of enemies will spawn.

The first wave is made up of Varren. Varren can only attack players using melee strikes, so it is always important to keep the battle against Varren at a distance. The Varren spawn in two spots, one on each side of the keystone switch, so make sure not to focus on just one spawn location. After the Varren have been cleared out, the second wave begins. The second wave is made up of Klixen, which are slow, fire-breathing creatures. Since they are slow, players can constantly move to stay out of the Klixens’ fire range. Klixens are immune to incendiary ammo and weak against armor-piercing ammo and warp ammo, so players should pick their weapons and ammo accordingly for the second wave.

The last portion of the Rite of Passage involves a fight against a Thresher Maw. The only objective of this portion is to survive. Players do not need to defeat the Thresher Maw to complete the mission, they just need to stay alive until the time runs out. However, defeating the Thresher Maw earns respect from the Krogans and immediately ends the Rite of Passage. Once players have completed the Rite of Passage, a sequence will play out with the Krogan leaders, and afterward, players will gain Grunt’s loyalty in Mass Effect 2.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

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