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Mass Effect 2: How to Make Kasumi Loyal

Kasumi With Side Arm

Loyalty has some great in-game benefits during Mass Effect 2. Here’s how players can earn the Loyalty of Kasumi, intergalactic thief extraordinaire.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a culmination of the entire trilogy, and their related DLC. Much of the extra content offered, rewarded players with specially designed weapons and armor that couldn’t be found in the base game. Also, some new companions, missions, and locations that although, were added far after anyone completed the games, would have contributed better to the story had they been part of the base game. While many of the companions throughout Mass Effect may pledge their loyalty to Shepard, these characters are also subjects of a potential romance. DLC characters may only provide their loyalty to Shepard and nothing more.

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One such DLC character is Kasumi Goto, a thief wanted around the entire galaxy. ‘Stealthy’ doesn’t even begin to describe the depth of her potential subterfuge and infiltration techniques. Kasumi is very much an enigmatic shadow and a deadly force to be reckoned with. Cerberus attempted to cosign Kasumi to Shepard’s cause but instead, Kasumi found Cerberus and requested they establish the rendezvous. Once on board, here’s how players can earn Kasumi’s loyalty.

How to Make Kasumi Loyal in Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 Kasumi Head Shot

As mentioned before, acquiring a companions loyalty awards players with a couple of things. For base game characters only, players will open up paramour-related dialogue choices, making it possible to romance the characters as well. Secondly, and this includes all companions DLC or not,  players will acquire a fourth ability for the character in question to be used during battle. Kasumi’s loyalty ability is a flash-bang grenade that disorients whomever or whatever is caught in the blast. This includes temporarily jamming omni-tools, over-heating weapons, and enemies misfiring their biotics. Lastly, earning Kasumi’s loyalty will increase her survival chances during the final ‘Suicide’ mission at the end of the game. While her survival isn’t necessary per se, having everyone survive unlocks different closing scenes and affects the presence of a character in Mass Effect 3; should players choose to continue with their save data from Mass Effect 2.

DLC characters are different from base game characters in the sense that, it isn’t necessary to complete the ‘Horizon’ mission to get the ball rolling. Instead, the moment players recruit Kasumi at the Citadel, her loyalty mission becomes available once she arrives on the Normandy. Simply approach her relative location on the ship and start a conversation. The first things she’ll have to say will have something to do with the mission and whether or not Shepard wants to assist her with it. The mission is called “Stealing Memory” and it involves pulling a heist off a crude but prominent arms dealer in possession of something that belongs to Kasumi. Once players complete the mission and make their preferred choices, Kasumi will be loyal to Shepard.

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Mass Effect is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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