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Mass Effect 3’s Best Crewmates In Legendary Edition

Mass Effect 3s Best Crewmates In Legendary Edition 2

In Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, players are able to meet Shepard’s squad from Mass Effect 3. But which crewmates are better compared to the rest?

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition aims to remaster all three games of the original trilogy, allowing players to interact with various crewmates as they progress through the series. Mass Effect 3‘s crew brings forth several returning characters as well as new introductions to the franchise. So, which crewmates are actually best?

Although Mass Effect 3 has a smaller squad than Mass Effect 2, the story progression of Shepard’s crew plays a significant role in the ending of the trilogy. The relationships between crewmates have more focus in this entry, and Mass Effect 3‘s DLC tend to be more character-focused than previous games.

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As is the case with all three games in the series, Shepard’s squad configuration will vary depending on combat strengths and weaknesses as well as player preference. Considering it is the final game of the trilogy, players looking to complete a romantic arc in Mass Effect 3 or witness the character development of particular crewmates should prioritize those characters.

Mass Effect 3’s Best Crewmates: Liara

Liara can be recruited as a crewmate in Mass Effect, and following her absence from the squad in Mass Effect 2, she can be brought back in Mass Effect 3 as part of Shepard’s team. She is a biotics specialist, so while she lacks the ability to take enemy shields down quickly, she is useful for combat control and biotic damage. If Shepard is a biotics-focused fighter, Liara’s ability to set up biotic combos as well as boost the party’s biotic abilities make her a solid choice in a fight. However, she isn’t very durable. As a major character in all three games of the Mass Effect series, Liara’s character growth and development may be of particular interest to fans, and she serves as a romance option in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3’s Best Crewmates: Javik

Another biotics specialist, Javik is useful for crowd control in a fight. His durability and firepower make up for his inability to measure up to Liara’s biotic damage and combos. At higher levels, he also possesses the ability to increase the shield recharge of the entire party by a significant amount, making him an impressive team player. His biotic skills are suited to taking large areas of enemies off their feet, giving Shepard and the rest of the squad time to deal heavy amounts of damage without being interrupted, though Javik can’t take down shields very well on his own. As a prothean – the only surviving member of the species featured in the series – he also contributes significant story material to Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3’s Best Crewmates: Kaidan

Mass Effect 3's Best Crewmates In Legendary Edition (3)

Kaidan is absent from a large portion of Mass Effect 3, and depending on player choices in Mass Effect, he may not be in the game at all. This makes his usefulness situational. However, when Kaidan is part of the crew, his powers in combat are significant. He is another biotics user, and he possesses a versatility that makes him pair well with nearly every other crewmate in squad configurations. Kaidan is useful for taking down shields and barriers as well as armor, and when his proficiency in detonating combos is paired with his durability, he is a strong choice in a fight regardless of Shepard’s combat focus. Players who enjoyed Kaidan’s character in Mass Effect may also enjoy catching up on his story, as he is not a crewmate in Mass Effect 2.

Mass Effect 3 serves as the final game of the trilogy, and wraps up the storylines of many crewmates from the previous two games – so fans may want to focus their attention on characters who are featured in all three games of the series. Experimenting with different squads in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will allow players to find the combat styles and companion conversations that most appeal to them.

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