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Mass Effect Characters Not Worth Trying To Save

Mass Effect Characters Not Worth Trying To Save 2

The Mass Effect series allows players to potentially spare several characters from death throughout the franchise, but some aren’t worth the effort.

The Mass Effect trilogy introduces players to hundreds of characters throughout the course of the series, and Shepard’s actions when interacting with these NPCs in many cases has a large impact on later events in the franchise. But not every choice has significant effects, and that can result in making certain characters not worth the effort of trying to save.

Various choices in Mass Effect 1 are rendered mostly pointless in later games. For example, saving the Rachni Queen in ME1 still results in the indoctrination of the Rachni in ME3. However, the explanation as to how this occurs will vary based on previous choices.

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Other decisions in Mass Effect are minor to a point of not having any noticeable consequences. While characters who are spared in ME1 may have cameos in future parts of the series, these often don’t add any notable content to the player’s experience.

Mass Effect Character Not Worth Saving: Fist

Mass Effect Characters Not Worth Trying To Save (3)

Fist is a character that Shepard is able to get into contact with in Mass Effect 1. As a former agent of the Shadow Broker, Fist is being hunted down by Wrex – a task that Shepard has the option to assist with – and is responsible for setting Tali up in a meeting with Saren’s men. While on the Citadel, players can track Fist down to his office and fight their way through to confronting him. Ultimately, this ends with Shepard being given two options on how to handle him. Fist can be either executed or released – if he is released, he goes into hiding from the Shadow Broker and has a small cameo in Mass Effect 2. But if Wrex is in the party, he will execute Fist regardless of Shepard’s choice. Given Fist’s lack of relevance, it’s easier to just let Wrex kill him.

Mass Effect Character Not Worth Saving: Saleon

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Dr. Saleon is encountered as part of Garrus’ personal assignment in Mass Effect 1. A Salarian geneticist, Saleon escaped from the Citadel following an investigation into his illegal organ harvesting practices. Shepard has the option to help Garrus track him down, and players can then confront him aboard his ship later on in the game. Regardless of how the conversation with Saleon progresses, he will turn hostile and has to be killed by Shepard’s party. And while convincing Garrus to spare Saleon from execution and take him into custody first does have an impact on his character in Mass Effect 1, this change is disregarded in ME2, making the player’s decision regarding Saleon almost entirely pointless.

While the Mass Effect series does feature several choices that have lasting consequences in regards to later events in the timeline, not every decision has such significant ramifications. Ultimately these characters aren’t worth the effort of trying to spare unless players are looking to experience new dialogue for the first time.

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