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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – How to Capture Images in Photo Mode (& Where to Find Them)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Photo Mode Filters Hide

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition lets players pause the action to capture photos of just about anything. Here’s how to use the new feature.

Though Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a remaster, not a remake, of the original trilogy, it still includes a few new features, including a highly-requested Photo Mode. Players can pause the action at any point outside one of the Mass Effect cutscenes and stage a photo to capture the moment. The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Photo Mode Interface includes many options to allow players to customize their images, such as filters, Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation sliders, and even the option to hide elements of the scene like party members, Shepard, or enemies for the perfect shot.

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Once taken, images are stored on a PC or console’s internal storage and can be further edited and shared. Particularly in Mass Effect 1, the camera is largely silent, making it difficult to tell if the image was captured properly. Additionally, players will need to be careful not to ruin their shot by leaving the Photo Mode UI visible. Here’s how to use Photo Mode in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and where to find the photos later.

How to Set Up and Take a Photo in Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s Photo Mode

To enter Photo Mode in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and begin setting up a shot, players will need to open the game’s Menu. All three games in the trilogy now have a unified menu system, making it easier for players to find what they’re looking for.

On PC, players can use the Esc key to open the Menu, then select Photo Mode from the bottom of the screen. On PlayStation, Options opens the Menu, and the Triangle button will pull up Photo Mode. On Xbox, the Menu button will open the game’s Menu, and Y will select Photo Mode.

Shepard and Jacob fight through the Cerberus facility at the start of Mass Effect 2

Players will have several options once they enter Photo Mode, available via the UI. These include:

  • Camera Mode: Choose between Free, which pans, and Orbit, which rotates around the environment and characters.
  • Tilt: Choose any angle to tilt the camera left or right.
  • Focal Length: Zoom in or out from the subjects.
  • Enable Depth of Field: Toggled On or Off to blur some of the background assets and focus on the subject.
  • Distance: Set the focus distance.
  • F-Stop: Adjust the size of the aperture to determine amount of light let into the photo.
  • Blur Strength: Set the percentage of strength for the blur caused by enabling Depth of Field, up to 100%.

Garrus photographed on the Presidium in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition
  • Saturation: Set the level of color saturation of the scene in the photo from 0-100%.
  • Brightness: Set the brightness level from 0-100%.
  • Contrast: Set the contrast level from 0-100%.
  • Filters: Use one of 9 available filters on the image, including black and white, inverted, specific hues, and pixelated.
  • Enable Film Grain: Enable Mass Effect‘s signature Film Grain in the image.
  • Film Grain Strength: With Film Grain enabled, changes the percent of grain and noise on the image.
Garrus in Mass Effect Legendary Edition Photo Mode Edited
  • Enable Vignette: Toggle vignettes On or Off.
  • Bloom Strength: Select the strength of fringes or feathers of light from the borders of bright areas.
  • Bloom Threshold: Set the softness of the edges and strength of the glow on Bloom.
  • Hide Player: Take Shepard out of the shot.
  • Hide Party: Take both of Shepard’s squadmates out of the shot.
  • Hide Enemies: Remove enemies from a shot.
  • Hide NPCs: Remove NPCs from a shot.
  • Hide Vehicles: Remove all vehicles from a shot.

Players can follow the button prompts at the bottom of the screen to hide the camera interface and snap their photos. On PC, the Tab key should hide the UI, and Spacebar will take a photo. On PlayStation, Circle will hide the UI, and Square will take a photo. On Xbox, B will hide the UI, and X will take the photo.

Where to Find Photos Taken with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’s Photo Mode

The squad takes a group photo during the party in the Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3

In Mass Effect 1, particularly for PC, the camera may not make any sound to indicate a photo has been taken. Despite this, each time players hit the button, an image should be saved to their device.

On PC, players can typically find their screenshots saved in the Documents folder of their computer. The file path is Documents > BioWare > Mass Effect Legendary Edition > ScreenShots. On console, players will likely have an easier time finding their images, as they should save to the system’s internal storage, usually found in the Settings menu with other captures.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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