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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Xbox Version Has Weird Crashing Glitch

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Xbox players may encounter an odd crashing glitch while playing Mass Effect: Legendary Edition if they have certain accessories connected.

The Xbox version of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition may fall victim to a crashing glitch if players have different accessories connected to their system. After years of waiting, fans and newcomers alike are finally able to get their hands on enhanced versions of the original Mass Effect trilogy.

This week’s release comes at a good time, too, considering BioWare’s confirmation that a new Mass Effect title is indeed in the works. The developer announced the exciting news during last year’s N7 Day celebrations, then followed up the reveal with a teaser trailer at The Game Awards. Admittedly, the brief teaser didn’t offer much in the way of concrete details. It set the stage for one line of speculation, though – the next mainline entry may take place after the events of Mass Effect 3. And now players can relive Mass Effect 3’s various twists and turns in the newly released Legendary Edition.

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A post on EA Answers (via Windows Central) identifies an issue whereby the Legendary Edition on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S will crash if a player boots up the game with certain accessories like wireless headsets connected. Wired headsets are harmless, but extra peripherals shouldn’t be used until EA and BioWare deploy the necessary patch. The support page’s post suggests players perform the following tasks to activate a “temporary workaround.”

  • Ensure your wireless headset is turned off
  • Launch Mass Effect Legendary Edition from the dashboard.
  • Once you are at the launcher screen with the game, choose Mass Effect 1, 2, or 3.
  • (don’t turn on your headset yet, we’re nearly there)
  • Once you are at the title screen for either Mass Effect 1, 2, or 3 you can now turn on your headset, and you will be able to play with audio working as normal.

ME Legendary Edition Doesn't Include Original Ending

As far as weird game glitches go, this one arguably counts among the most peculiar. What’s causing the crashing issue remains to be seen; there is presently no word on when a fix will arrive, either. Hopefully, the issue doesn’t linger for too much longer.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition enhances nearly every aspect of all three original games. Players can notably look forward to 4K resolution, higher frame rates, improved textures, and refined gameplay. The collection also packs in the franchise’s previous DLC offerings, though Mass Effect 3′s multiplayer and the Pinnacle Station content are not included.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available to play on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

Source: EA Answers via Windows Central

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