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Mass Effect’s Infiltrator Class Explained

Mass Effect Infiltrator Class Explained

There are six unique classes in the Mass Effect games. The Infiltrator specializes in a combination of technological proficiency and combat ability.

Like many RPGs, Mass Effect categorizes player character builds into distinct classes. The original trilogy splits various weapon proficiencies and combat abilities into six distinct classes: Adept, Engineer, Infiltrator, Sentinel, Soldier, and Infiltrator. Three of the classes specialize in Biotics, Combat, or Tech, while the remaining three combine two for a variable play style. The Infiltrator class is one that has dual specialties, using a Tech and Combat build in Mass Effect to crush enemies.

Across the original Mass Effect trilogy, Infiltrators are proficient in using sniper rifles, sometimes granting the player slowed time in order to better line up a shot. An Infiltrator’s abilities are often used to gain a vantage point over enemies, or cause conditions which make enemies easier to damage or prevent them from dealing damage.

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Just as the games evolved over the course of the trilogy, so did the Infiltrator class. The first Mass Effect, since it was heavily weighted with RPG mechanics, has a significantly different Infiltrator class than the second and third games. Classes also determined what weapons were even usable in combat in Mass Effect 1, which is a frequently criticized feature changing in the Legendary Edition of the game.

Evolution of the Infiltrator Class in the Mass Effect Trilogy

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While the core principles behind the Infiltrator class remain largely the same in Mass Effect 2 and 3, the class abilities changed quite a bit. The most notable addition to an Infiltrator’s arsenal in Mass Effect 2 is the Tactical Cloak power. Activating Tactical Cloak renders the user invisible for a short period of time and grants a damage boost. This pairs well with the Infiltrator’s affinity for a sniper rifle, since the high ground can be moved into and a devastating shot lined up before enemies know where to shoot.

The Infiltrator’s arsenal is also expanded throughout the trilogy. Mass Effect 2 gave the class proficiency in submachine guns and heavy weapons in addition to the heavy pistols and sniper rifles. The second game also gave the Infiltrator the option to use special ammo types. Conversely, an Infiltrator ability that disappeared in Mass Effect 2 resurfaces in 3. In the original Mass Effect, using a Tech ability would result in the placement of a tech proximity mine. These don’t come back in the exact same form in Mass Effect 3, but the Sticky Grenade is similar and can be upgraded to have additional effects beyond pure damage.

Much of the other Infiltrator abilities revolve around controlling the battlefield in some way, including hacking synthetics. Passive abilities for the Infiltrator will often improve their combat prowess, granting extra health and weapon damage, or increasing the duration of a sniper rifle’s time dilation. The Infiltrator is just one of six unique classes, and might be a compelling choice for new Mass Effect players who want to control the fight from a distance.

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