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Master Chief Collection Fixes Long-Time Graphics Issues In Halo 1

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The latest Halo: Master Chief Collection Insider flight fixes graphical issues present in Halo: Combat Evolved ports since the 2003 PC build.

The latest Insider flight for Halo: The Master Chief Collection fixes long-standing graphical problems with Halo: Combat Evolved. These issues – most of them dealing with textures – have persisted in ports of the first game in the beloved Halo franchise since 2003.

Bungie’s legendary FPS Halo: Combat Evolved released as a launch title for Microsoft’s original Xbox back in 2001. After garnering critical acclaim, the game was ported to PC in 2003 by Gearbox Software. Even though the port was well-received at the time, it contained a number of differences from the original Xbox version of the game, including graphical issues, that eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed. The remastered version of Halo: CE, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, released in 2011 to commemorate the franchise’s ten-year anniversary. The PC port was used as the foundation for that build by developer 343 Industries, so the graphical problems persisted. When Halo: MCC released in 2014, the Halo: CE Anniversary build was included. Therefore, the problems with Gearbox’s Halo: CE port have remained in all mainline Halo: CE releases since 2003.

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A video on the Halo-centric YouTube channel Generalkidd provides an excellent breakdown of many of the graphical improvements to Halo: CE featured in the pre-release 1.2341.0.0 Insider build, including side-by-side screenshots and comparative clips that contrast the original Xbox version and Insider flight with the current MCC build. The changes might seem negligible, but the video illustrates how substantial they truly are. One notable complaint from fans of the original Halo: CE on Xbox is that the textures on Captain Keyes’ model are wrong in Halo: MCC. The footage shows that Keyes’ Insider model now resembles the original version from Halo: CE on Xbox.

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Transparent shaders have also been fixed in the new Insider flight build so that translucent objects resemble their original appearance. The jackal enemies’ shields and deployable covers now become red when damaged. The Covenant shield doors in the mission The Truth and Reconciliation, the energy fields on Spirit dropships, and the teleporters in multiplayer properly appear wavy and stringy as opposed to foggy and smokey. Speaking of fog, if one looks up at the sky from the ground in the mission Assault on the Control Room, there is now the appropriate fog effect in the sky. Bump maps, which add the illusion of depth and texture to flat surfaces, have also been added back to floors and walls in the missions The Truth and Reconciliation, Assault on the Control Room, Two Betrayals, Keyes, and elsewhere.

These changes only partially describe the full list of fixes made to Halo: CE as part of the latest Insider fight. Though some of the fixes aren’t exactly one-to-one, they certainly make the game resemble its original version more closely. It’s possible that even more changes will be made before the build being tested by Insiders goes live for all players. There is still room for more noticeable fixes, such as making the HUD resemble the original appearance to a greater degree, but these improvements may come further down the line. For now, it’s just nice to see 343 Industries show Halo: CE the love it deserves as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

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Source: Generalkidd/YouTube

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