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Masters Of The Universe First Images Could Come This Week


Kevin Smith reveals that the first-look images of his Netflix sequel series Masters of the Universe: Revelation could be coming this week.

Kevin Smith has teased that the first set of images from Netflix’s forthcoming He-Man sequel series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation could be arriving soon. Directed by Smith, the series will reportedly center on Teela as she searches for the missing Power Sword. The animated project will feature an ensemble voice cast including Chris Wood as the legendary He-Man, alongside Mark Hamill as Skeletor, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Teela, and Lena Headey as Evil-Lyn.

The Masters of the Universe franchise began in the early ’80s with Mattel’s original toy line and mini comics before expanding to the world of television with the animated series in 1983, the sequel series, She-Ra: Princesses of Power in 1985, and the Dolph Lundgren-led film adaptation in 1987. Netflix first revived the franchise in 2018 with the acclaimed reboot of She-Ra, followed by the announcement of two new animated He-Man series in 2019. While a film reboot was in the works at Sony with Noah Centineo set in the central role, the status of the project is now unknown following his exit from the film.

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As reported by, Smith gave an update on the status of his sequel series while chatting with co-host, Marc Bernardin, on their Fatman Beyond podcast. Though unsure if he is allowed to say, the filmmaker revealed that the first look images at the series could be arriving as early as this week, with a trailer soon to follow from the streaming platform. Read what Smith had to say below:

I believe…this week perhaps, you may be seeing some imagery. I think some of the first press is breaking. I’m not sure if I’m at liberty to say, but there’s a preview coming. I did an interview for it, and I had to approve images, so I know you’re going to see the first images ever released. I think that’s this coming week. In other news, I saw the teaser trailer… which is f**king phenomenal. It’s about a minute and a half. They found a piece of music that’s just absolute Jeff’s kiss, especially with the material. It’s wonderful. Like I know this f**king series in and out, and it made me go back and start watching it again. I was like ‘Holy shit.’ That Netflix marketing department, they know what the f**k they’re doing. That’s the trailer I saw. It’s a great spot, so I can’t say when you’re going to see it, but if I’m seeing it now then it’s coming fairly soon.

He-Man in Masters of the Universe.

With Smith having recently said he knows when the series is set to debut on Netflix and is gearing up for an announcement soon, it seems like his timetable is keeping on track. Plus, with production having started as early as 2019, the time frame of delivering the episodes to viewers with animators working from home, does seem to be about right for its imminent arrival. Smith’s praising of the Netflix marketing department is also a fairly understandable feeling, given the service has done well to cut together exciting trailers and posters for some of their most anticipated and celebrated titles.

The recent announcement of Centineo’s departure from the reboot film is certainly a disappointment to fans who are eager to see He-Man return to the big screen, but Smith’s teases that Masters of the Universe: Revelation could be coming very soon is sure to help put those sad feelings to bed. It’s currently unclear whether it’ll connect to the Emmy-winning She-Ra, but even if it’s not, now would be the perfect time for fans to dive back into the world of Etheria and Eternia to prepare for the sequel series’ arrival.

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