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Matt & Rachael ‘Getting Serious’ & Discussing Moving In Together

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The on-again-off-again couple is reportedly going strong, and an inside source says Matt and Rachael have even talked about moving in together.

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell are one of the most on-again-off-again couples to come out of The Bachelor, but new reports say the couple is getting serious and are thinking about taking their relationship to the next level. Most recently, Matt and Rachael were spotted getting cozy in Miami, and fans have wondered about how the Bachelor Nation couple views their relationship. A source has now revealed that things are progressing between Matt and Rachael and they might be ready for the next step.

After a disastrous season finale and racial controversy surrounding Rachael and the entire season, fans didn’t think Matt and his final rose recipient could ever make it work. But not long after the finale, the pair were reportedly still spending time together in New York City, where Matt lives. At one point, rumors that Matt was leading Rachael on caused a brief breakup. However, the couple has reconciled and, according to those closest to them, their relationship is going better than ever.

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“Matt and Rachael are in a really good place right now and are getting serious. They are inseparable and talk all day, every day,” a source relayed to E! News. “They have been making many plans to see each other so not a huge chunk of time passes before their next visit.” The couple has finally confirmed they are dating and the source said they have even considered living together. “They have discussed Rachael moving to New York City to be closer to Matt and she has always loved the city, so it would work out well.”

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Things may be going well for Matt and Rachael, but that doesn’t mean they’re looking to fast-track their relationship. “They are both taking it slow, but have talked about moving in together,” the source commented. “It is an option they are considering, but waiting to see how the next couple of months progress.” Though the rumors of Matt’s player ways gave Rachael pause, the former Bachelor has seemingly proved to her that he is serious. “Matt is truly in love with her,” the source said. “They have a special bond and have really turned a leaf in their relationship.”

There are many fans who are happy to hear that the former lead of The Bachelor is giving Rachael a second chance because they believe in the potential their relationship holds. The couple also has their fair share of critics, but Matt and Rachael don’t seem to care much about what’s being said about them recently. They’re smart to focus on their relationship rather than concern themselves with what other people think their relationship should be. 

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Source: E! News

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