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Mean Girls: The Funniest Characters, Ranked

Mean Girls four leads and Amy Poehler as Reginas mother

With recurring jokes-turned-gifs such as “She doesn’t even go here!” and “You go Glen Coco!” the movie Mean Girls isn’t only beloved by teenagers. Adults of all ages have said they enjoy the timeless classic that hyperbolizes the familiar cliquey environment that high school typically is.

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The characters are what make the film a legacy. From recreating the “Jingle Bell Rock” performance, to celebrating October 3rd every year, Mean Girls is iconic. But who are the funniest characters, and how hilarious are they?

10 Cady

Although Cady (Lindsay Lohan) is the main character and narrator, she isn’t one of the most hilarious characters. This is typically the case with a main character though as other films have shown. Regardless, she’s the perfect character to project on, seeing as she’s very likable.

One of her shining moments is when she walks down the stairs to meet Karen and Gretchen at the party they’re throwing, wearing a hot dress, hearing them say simultaneously, “You look awesome.” She replies, “I know, right?” This is pretty funny considering how random it is to see the normally kind and modest character blurt out something so pompous.

9 Karen

Karen is shocked by a phone call in Mean Girls

Karen can apparently put a whole fist in her mouth and use her breasts to make a weather forecast, according to her at least. Amanda Seyfried’s character does not disappoint in her abrupt statements.

Even in awkward moments, Karen unwittingly brings in some comic relief to the atmosphere and viewers love it. Many people still fake a sick day or a call out sick with, “I can’t go (cough, cough); I’m sick” in a soft and super-fake hoarse voice. Viewers owe all of this to Karen.

8 Gretchen

Gretchen gets upset in Mean Girls

“We should totally just stab Caesar!” How could anyone not laugh at this big moment that Gretchen has? The popular, “follower” girl of The Plastics truly embraces comedy without even realizing it.

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Gretchen expresses her self-confidence anytime she can, such as when she “admits” in her “apology” that she can’t help being popular, and the time when she says that she is “such a good friend” to Regina. Gretchen is hilariously “humble.”

7 Ms. Norbury

It’s difficult not to laugh at Ms. Norbury’s backhanded comments or sarcastic humor. This character is almost always on her toes when responding to something in a witty manner.

Taunting Cady on how she basically upended her life temporarily by mentioning how having the cops inspect her home was just the “cherry on top” of perfection, Ms. Norbury is undeniably funny in multiple scenes. Her sarcasm takes home the gold.

6 Kevin

kevin in mean girls

Despite creepily checking out Janis’ “thang” backstage, Kevin is one of the funniest characters because of his outward confidence. His random moments of hilarity make him easy to laugh along with.

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Kevin’s star-studded comical moments include his halted rap song at the talent show and when he rips off his shirt at the math competition, yelling “Get some.” This Mean Girls character is the classic early-2000s comic relief.

5 Mr. Duvall

Mr. Duvall standing in principal's office in Mean Girls

The award for the funniest principal should go to Mr. Duvall. This guy has no problem getting things done, whether it be setting the rules for the school or to just wrap up the Spring Fling dance.

His funniest bits are when he angrily reacts to the chaos of the junior girls mauling one another in the hallway, when he tries to start the whole “lady to lady” talk with the students, when he admits that he can’t cancel the Spring Fling because they already paid the DJ and finally, when he regrettably raises his hand after feeling “personally victimized by Regina George.

4 Janis

Janis sits at the kitchen table in Mean Girls

It’s nearly impossible not to laugh at Janis’ humor. Her confidence comes from her frustration, which can certainly get the best of her sometimes as she targets hurting Regina.

But Janis isn’t afraid to break the rules or defy the odds in any way. The obvious best moment of hers is when she admits to having a “big lesbian crush” on Regina, in her own words, and diving into the crowd. Janis lives shamelessly, unapologetically and above all, confident. Her entire persona is therefore easy to laugh along with.

3 Regina

The queen bee should be tied with Janis in terms of how funny they both are. Regina George is hilarious, plain and simple, even though her humor is not in good faith clearly.

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From her nasty, fake comments that normally sound like “Oh my gosh, I love that bracelet. Where did you get it?” to her carefree confidence such as when she keeps the great cut-out tank top on, Regina is truly a queen of many things. She’s one of the funniest characters because of her natural demeanor as a cut-and-dry snobby brat. It’s hard not to laugh at her phrases, especially “Get in loser! We’re going shopping.”

2 June (Regina’s Mom)

June George smiling at Cady Heron about drinking alcohol wearing a pink shirt in Mean Girls

The mom who’s fixated on feeling younger, June George is, without a doubt, hilarious. She is easily one of the top funniest characters in the film.

Fans of the movie would never forget her awkward dancing in the aisle at the talent show as the girls perform “The Jingle Bell Rock.” But, she also has several brief moments that make up her funny personality, such as when she walks in on her daughter and her on-off boyfriend in bed, literally offering snacks or condoms.

1 Damien

Damien hides himself in a hoody and sun glasses in the all girls assembly in Mean Girls

The grand prize has to go to none other than Damien. This character isn’t just one of the funniest ones — his humor is the entire movie.

Without him, society wouldn’t still be saying “Four for you, Glen Coco. You go, Glen Coco!” or “She doesn’t even go here.” However, Damien’s comedy doesn’t stop at these two iconic lines. He also does other funny things like when he and Janis experiment with a kiss, and he pulls away exclaiming, “ew” without hesitation. But, does anyone remember his other awesome moment screaming “I want my Juicy shirt back” to Cady? Without Damien, the movie would not be as funny as it is, and most fans have claimed this as fact.

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