Meet Rae Ripple, ‘Metal Shop Masters’ Resident Welder Chick

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Don’t be fooled by the blonde hair and blue eyes… Rae can compete with the big guys in the competition thanks to her expertise with a welding torch.

During the first episode, Rae revealed her parents were both addicts and she ran away from home at the age of 14.

She had a daughter shortly after at the age of 17, but turned her life around thanks to welding.

“When I got into art, and welding and fabrication, I slowly started to become who I was supposed to be,” Rae says on Metal Shop Masters.

Rae is best known for her free-hand plasma cutting, which requires using a plasma cutting torch that takes pressurized air and an electrical arc to cut through metal.

“If you use it a lot, like I do, you can turn yourself into a human CNC. And that’s kind of what I’ve done,” she added. (For all the non-metal welders out there, CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control).

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