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Michael Douglas Would Choose John Krasinski To Play Him In A Biopic

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Michael Douglas says if he could pick any actor to play him in a biopic, he would choose John Krasinski, star of The Office and A Quiet Place.

When asked who he would choose to play him in a biopic, Michael Douglas chose fellow actor and producer, John Krasinski. The star of The Kominsky Method has a Hollywood pedigree few can claim, as the son of actors Diana Dill and Kirk Douglas. The legendary Kirk Douglas died just last year at the age of 103, as one of the last surviving film stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Michael has lived up to his parents’ legacy in both his illustrious acting career, as well as the success of his production ventures, winning his first Academy Award in the Best Picture category for the 1975 film, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. For the next five decades, he would continue to achieve one accomplishment after another.

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Douglas’ filmography is remarkably vast and varied, with sixty-eight credits to his name, including everything from political thriller films to sitcom cameos. Any decade of his career just by itself is packed with critically acclaimed performances and box office hits. Recently, he has portrayed Dr. Hank Pym in two Ant-Man films and Avengers: Endgame, with a third Ant-Man installment scheduled for release in 2023. He also stars as acting coach, Sandy Kominsky, in the Golden Globe-winning Netflix comedy, The Kominsky Method. The third and final season of the show is set to air later this month.

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With a life story like Douglas’s, any actor would likely be thrilled to play him in a biopic, but Douglas already knows who he would choose. In an interview with Deadline, Douglas said he would pick John Krasinski for the role. Read Douglas’ full quote below:

John Krasinski. Because of his compassion, his humor. Compassion and humor can take you a long way. I sense in him that he makes a conscientious effort where the material is good to try different types of roles.

Michael Douglas

A Quiet Place director, John Krasinski, didn’t start acting with connections like Douglas, but he’s clearly demonstrated the same drive to explore a variety of genres and different positions in the production process. Krasinski got his big break as nice guy Jim Halpert on the hit comedy series, The Office, and appeared in several successful comedy films before pivoting to more action and thriller projects. Like Douglas, Krasinski also has a passion for film production, and often acts in the projects he produces.

In the same interview, Douglas lamented that comedy performances rarely get their due even though he believes comedy to be much more difficult than drama. Krasinski has clearly demonstrated his comedic chops time and time again, often in tandem with a touching emotional performance. Douglas’s most iconic roles are arguably from erotic thrillers like Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction, but he can be outrageously funny when given the opportunity. Even Wall Street‘s corrupt Gordon Gekko brings a sense of humor and levity to the movie, as twisted as it may be. Krasinski could very well straddle that same line between charm and a propensity for a bit of wickedness.

No biopic of Douglas’s life is currently in the works, but anyone who tried to tackle the project would have plenty of material from which to choose. Between his famous family, his exceptional career, and his highly publicized marriage to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, Douglas could be the subject of a biopic franchise. Even if Krasinski didn’t take on the lead role himself, the potential project could be just as appealing to join as a producer. Either way, Douglas’ stamp of approval is high praise from a legend.

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