Michael Keaton Is in Talks to Bring Back His Batman

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The Flashpoint story takes place in a totally altered universe than the conventional DCU. Mainly, the multiverse refers to a shifting variety of alternate universes that coexist throughout the bigger actuality depicted in DC comics. Initially, these multi universes had been created to clarify numerous contradictory adjustments and continuity errors the characters skilled over the a long time. So now, these characters are allowed to have a number of completely different variations of the identical characters to concurrently exist and, sometimes, work together.

In keeping with IGN, “Within the Flashpoint timeline, the world has been delivered to the brink of destruction by a protracted battle between Atlantis and Themyscira. As Surprise Girl and Aquaman’s armies battle on, solely Barry Allen retains any reminiscence of the world because it as soon as existed. However along with his velocity powers gone, Barry is pressured to hitch forces with heroes like Batman, Cyborg, and Shazam to repair the timeline and restore the true DCU.”

They proceed, “Flashpoint hinges on the revelation that it was really Barry himself who brought on this new timeline. The amnesic Barry finally remembers that he used his velocity to journey again in time and save his mom from being murdered by Reverse-Flash. That act brought on a significant butterfly impact, forcing Barry to simply accept that point is not to be meddled with, regardless of how noble the meddler’s intentions.”

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