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Miitopia Adds Support For Super Nintendo World Power-Up Bands

Super Nintendo World Power Up Bands

Nintendo Power-Up Bands now work in Miitopia as amiibo to unlock exclusive character costumes based on famous Nintendo video game characters.

Another update for the newly released Miitopia on the Nintendo Switch has added support for the Super Nintendo World Power-Up Bands. These bands are used at the Universal Studios park in Japan, for those lucky enough to be able to visit.

Miitopia is the remastered edition of the 3DS game of the same name. The game was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan in 2016 and worldwide in 2017. Miitopia is based around using the Miiverse life simulator games and Mii creator that originated all the way back on the Nintendo Wii. Miitopia allowed players to create avatars for themselves or by using a camera to create one for them. These Mii characters have become synonymous with the Nintendo console experience, with various games being built around these characters on the 3DS and Nintendo Switch such as Tomodachi Life and StreetPass Mii Plaza. Customizable Mii characters also made appearances in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch.

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Unlike the other two previous patches that have been released for Miitopia on Switch, this patch has added in a new support feature for the Nintendo Power-Up Band which is usable as an amiibo. This Power-Up Band is only available at Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan. According to Nintendo Life, the patch notes for Miitopia state that these amiibo based Nintendo bands can be used to obtain a character outfit styled in the same way as the character band. This means the Mario-style Power-Up Band will give the players a Mario-themed costume in the game and so on.

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Dark Lord and Great Sage

This update is pretty cool, but it seems strange for the developers to rush this update out in the first week amongst all the bug fixes and performance issues being reported. While the Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan was officially opened on March 18 this year, COVID-19 has still limited traveling internationally to a large extent. The only people who are able to go would be a small portion of Japanese residents. So why were the developers so eager to make sure this element was included in the first week of release? At the moment it doesn’t make sense. Hopefully, more information will be brought to light down the line.

Those who are lucky enough to have a Nintendo Power-Up Band will be able to enjoy these exclusive rewards right now. The patch is already live and available worldwide for anyone with the correct amiibo. More of these kinds of updates are sure to be added to Miitopia in the future so Nintendo Switch players are sure to have plenty to do, even if they can’t make it to Super Nintendo World.

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Source: Nintendo Life

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