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Minecraft Steampunk City Build Took Seven Months To Make

Minecraft Steampunk City

A group of skillful Minecraft builders invests seven months into building an incredible floating steampunk metropolis surrounded by airships.

A gigantic Minecraft build of a floating steampunk metropolis has recently been completed by a whole team of talented architects after seven months of hard work. Another example of impressive dedication in the renowned crafting game was shown by a different Minecraft player who spent three years singlehandedly constructing a huge modern city.

The North American Metropolis Project is an impressive build to complete, especially considering that it was done by a single person over the course of three years. The modern city is inspired by the iconic US urban areas of New York and Chicago. It features colossal bridges, towering skyscrapers, and intricately designed environments. The project makes an impression of a tribute to Manhattan Island with all the tall buildings and busy streets. And now, there’s another recent Minecraft city creation to compete in quality.

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An incredibly talented team of Minecraft builders, known as the Aderlyon Build Team, has recently completed a massive floating steampunk metropolis surrounded by a fleet of gigantic airships and Victorian-style buildings. The fantastic build occupies an 800 by 800 area densely filled with amazing structures. The project, which is one of the largest creations the team has made, took the talented architects seven months to complete. Even more surprising is the fact that the team’s editors were able to compress the months-long work in roughly ten minutes of a timelapse video. The project has some ingenious design solutions, like a piece of a gigantic railway with wheeled houses on it or a massive clock face that overhangs the entire steampunk city. The Aderlyon Build Team offers building services for those interested in ordering ready-made solutions, but Steampunk City is free for everyone to download from Planet Minecraft.

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It’s actually very common for Minecraft builders to offer their impressive projects for sale. A group of enterprising players, for instance, does exactly that by creating specific structures on request for money. The team has quite an impressive portfolio, and one of the largest projects is an enormous recreation of DanMachi’s Orario city, which occupies a 1500 by 1500 area in a Minecraft world. Not everything is being done by hand, which is understandable considering the scale. The team often relies on external editors, at least when it comes to landscaping.

Perhaps, the most exciting part of Minecraft’s impressive Steampunk City is the fact it can be freely downloaded for everyone to enjoy. Although timelapse videos and rendered screenshots are quite representative of the project’s quality, it’s always exciting to explore an impressive Minecraft build for oneself. Additionally, viewing the floating metropolis close-up might help novice players establish their own building style and learn a trick or two from Minecraft’s master builders.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: Aderlyon Build Team/YouTube, Planet Minecraft

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