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Minecraft YouTuber Dream Admits To Accidentally Cheating In Speedrun

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Beleaguered Minecraft speedrunner Dream has admitted that he did unknowingly cheat during his record-breaking speedrun, which was disqualified.

Minecraft speedrunner and streamer Dream has responded to ongoing allegations of cheating in his record-breaking speedrun with the admission that he did, in fact, cheat, albeit unknowingly. Dream, who achieved fame for his creation of Minecraft Manhunt in addition to his legendary speedruns, released an official statement via Twitter that his controversial speedrun was helped along by a mod that he allegedly didn’t know was running, which ultimately helped him achieve the illegitimate run.

The trouble began in the tail end of 2020, when Dream posted an extraordinary 19-minute speedrun on Minecraft 1.16, a run that scored him a 5th place position on the speedrun worldwide leaderboard. Although Dream has been widely considered a breakout YouTube and Twitch star for his legendary speedrun streams, suspicions were instantly raised about the legitimacy of the run. A significant factor in successful speedruns in Minecraft is luck, particularly when obtaining rare items like Ender Pearls or Blaze Rods required to reach the Ender Dragon, and Dream’s luck in his speedrun was noticeably, and astronomically, high. An inquiry was launched into the legitimacy of the run, and while Dream adamantly protested against accusations of cheating, the investigation ruled that he had somehow tampered with the game, and his record was thereafter stripped.

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But while Dream insisted at first that he had done nothing wrong, and even enlisted the help of a professional statistician who showed that the speedrun moderators’ math was off, he has now conceded to the apparent fact that he somehow made a mistake. In a lengthy statement linked on his official Twitter, Dream acknowledged that, after looking into the matter himself, he realized that he had inadvertently been using a disallowed mod that raised the drop rate for Ender Pearls and Blaze Rods for his challenge videos. Miscommunication between Dream and the developer who created the mod meant that it went largely unnoticed until Dream looked into it, and accounted for the mismatched math between the statistician and the moderators. He was therefore forced to admit that he didn’t, in fact, make a record speedrun fairly, although he maintains that he never set out to deliberately cheat.

The entire controversy may have been exacerbated by bad blood between Dream and the moderators, but it was essentially his responsibility to take the allegations seriously, considering he admittedly knows nothing about mods despite using them heavily in his gameplay. Dream, to his credit, acknowledges that he mistreated and unfairly slandered the moderators: “I felt really terrible for the mods because I dragged them through the mud even though they were mostly right.” Whether or not this absolves him in any way is debatable, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that he’s already been stripped of his record and doxxed over this controversy.

But Dream’s fanbase has been forgiving about the whole situation ever since it began, and his confession has only raised his status among this dedicated section of the Minecraft audience. The entire saga could’ve dragged on for years with both sides throwing accusations, but thanks to Dream’s testimonial, it should now be put to rest.

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