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Minecraft’s Most Well-Hidden Easter Eggs

Minecrafts Most Well Hidden Easter Eggs

Minecraft holds many visual secrets fans might find difficult to stumble upon. Which of Minecraft’s Easter eggs are the most well-hidden?

Minecraft is renowned for being a visually simple game that hides a surprising amount of complexity. Even experienced players often uncover new surprises, and every update brings more content and secrets to find. Along with these updates come Minecraft Easter eggs, hidden gags and references that are difficult to encounter but fun to discover.

On April 1, Minecraft developer Mojang Studios tends to add in a temporary Easter egg or feature as a joke, removing it by the end of the day. Other Easter eggs might only appear on certain holidays, like gift-wrapped chests for Christmas or pumpkin-headed mobs on Halloween. There have also been many Easter eggs only present in older versions of Minecraft that have since been removed.

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Not every Minecraft Easter egg can be encountered naturally. Some can only be seen in the game’s files, where there are various secrets hidden in textures and other places not visually rendered in the game. Other Easter eggs are much easier to find; the language menu, for example, allows players to utilize five joke languages, including Shakespearean English and Pirate Speak. Others still can be encountered in-game but are more well-hidden and harder to access.

Minecraft Easter Eggs – Renaming Mobs

Minecraft's Most Well-Hidden Easter Eggs (1)

Several Easter eggs can be found by naming Minecraft‘s mobs certain things by using a name tag item. For example, naming a sheep “jeb_” results in a sheep that continuously cycles through various wool colors. Naming a rabbit “Toast” adds black spots to its fur. Any mob named “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm” will be flipped and rendered upside-down. If a vindicator is renamed “Johnny,” it will begin attacking other mobs around it – most likely a reference to The Shining. Given all of these are dependent on players using highly specific phrases, they’re unlikely to be encountered by accident.

Minecraft Easter Eggs – Splash Text

Minecraft's Most Well-Hidden Easter Eggs (2)

The splash text that appears beneath the “Minecraft” on the title screen is randomized when players enter the game, displaying inside jokes, tips, or random phrases. These can all be found in a file in the game’s text folder. Here, one of possible splash texts reads, “This message will never appear on the splash screen, isn’t that weird?” As the message implies, this text is programmed to never be displayed in-game and can only be found in the file – though some players have reported seeing it in non-Java versions of the game, such as the console editions. In many versions of the game, users can also delete the splash text file completely in order to force the phrase “missingno” to appear, which is likely a reference to Pokémon‘s famous Gen 1 glitch.

While some of these Easter eggs can be deliberately sought out, others rely on random chance to find, so the difficulty of their discovery may vary. But if players are looking to find something new in Minecraft, they should look into the game’s many Easter eggs and see what they can encounter.

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