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Mistakes parents make when posting about children on social media

Cyber security warnings for parents who post about their children on social media

A Cyber Security expert and father of three talks about what he will and will not post when it comes to his family. It’s part of our new ‘Mom Squad Pod’ podcast.

CLEVELAND — Now that families will be doing more activities, throwing birthday parties and taking vacations, you’ll probably see a lot of photos on your social media feeds. But what’s safe to post and what puts you at risk? As part of our new “Mom Squad Pod” podcast, 3News’ Maureen Kyle talked to cyber security expert Matt Franko with RSM US about what’s safe.

“We have to open ourselves up to certain things, but we have to be careful about it, right?” he says. “We have to take calculated risks, so posting every little thing that your child does on a daily basis on the internet for the whole world to see, probably not a good choice.”

Is there one thing people post that puts their child at risk and they don’t even realize it?

“I don’t know if there’s any one thing,” says Franko. “I think it’s a myriad of things. So, as you post more and more things about your child, if someone’s able to get their hands on it they could start to connect the dots. They can start to connect the dots on birth dates, they can start to connect the dots on things that your kids like to do, which gives more and more information for somebody to either start to steal identities or information that they can use against you or against your child.”

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To hear the entire interview, including the biggest password mistakes and what privacy settings to use on social media, listen to the “Mom Squad Pod.” It’s now available on Apple and Spotify.

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