Morgan Is Basically Cracking Skulls and Taking Names on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ (SPOILERS)

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Morgan had a gunshot wound on his shoulder that was contaminated and it wasn’t till he allowed a genuinely form stranger (which is tough to come back by within the post-apocalyptic world, by the best way) to deal with it that he began to get higher. Slowly, his eyes returned to their regular coloration, however the cause for the change may need been due to the gun Virginia initially used to try to kill him.

After she shot him within the shoulder, she grabbed one other gun to shoot him within the face. As an alternative of killing him, the gun misfired and will have been some form of BB gun. And, in line with WebMD, hyphema, or bleeding within the eye, will be attributable to BB weapons and airsoft weapons. That’s greater than possible what occurred, particularly since Morgan’s situation improved. 

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