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Most Dramatic Decision Day Moments Ranked

Luke and Kate d day MAFS 1

Married At First Sight has had a many dramatic moments, but none as tense as decision day, when couples decide whether to stay married or divorce.

Decision day is a time many Married At First Sight couples dread and always leads to drama. It’s a tense day when the matches decide whether they want to continue to pursue their relationship or get divorced. The franchise has had many heartbreaking moments, like when Iris Caldwell wanted to stay married to Keith Manley, but he felt they were at different points in their life. Although individuals come into the experience with the hope of finding their forever partner, more often than not, it doesn’t happen that way.

There have been moments when viewers thought couples would divorce but surprised them by staying together like Miles Williams and Karen Landry. Fans of the show were sure that they would part ways, but the couple remains together and happy. Even Amani and Woody Randall’s decision day was dramatic, as she jokingly said she wanted a divorce after Woody’s heartfelt speech. Here are a few of the most dramatic moments from decision day.

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Neil Bowlus & Samantha Role

Neil and Samantha had a rocky start to their marriage. Samantha constantly berated Neil and emasculated him as she felt he wasn’t manly enough. However, towards the end of the experience, the pair started to get along better. So on decision day when Neil chose divorce, Samantha broke down and ran away. Samantha was upset, though many viewers were shocked by her reaction, as they weren’t a great match. However, in an interview with New York Post, Samantha explained her reaction saying, I told him I wanted to continue to try and see where things would go naturally and without the documentation. Neil spoke with my father the morning of Decision Day and my father told him that it would be worth giving it a try under normal circumstances. We also discussed how we would celebrate together after Decision Day.” Now, Samantha is married, has a child and she remains close friends with Neil.

Christina Crotchet & Henry Rodriguez

Henry Christina Married At First Sight

Christina and Henry both tried to connect during the Married At First Sight process. Despite both of them being committed to their marriage, they struggled to form any real connection. Things got worse when Christina accused Henry of having a same-sex affair because of a text she received. On decision day this came up and it made for a particularly awkward conversation between the two. Even Pastor Cal was confused by this, especially when Christina said she no longer had the text. It was no surprise when Henry said he wanted a divorce.

Luke Cuccurullo & Kate Sisk

This pair was simply painful to watch on decision day. The experts tried to understand where their marriage went wrong by asking questions such as, “If there is no attraction, how did you guys have sex?” However, Luke opted to skip that one, which was incredibly awkward. Kate decided to get a divorce and Luke agreed. Pastor Cal recognized how bad of a match they were and said, “I fight for marriages. I normally do. But not this time.” Kate has gone on to run a lingerie business, and Luke is dating a new woman.

Amelia Fatsi & Bennett Kirschner

MAFS Bennett Amelia

Amelia and Bennett’s decision day wasn’t dramatic in a bad way, but rather one of the most heartwarming ones in franchise history. As they discussed their journey and the process with the experts, Bennett stood up and told Amelia he had something to show her. It turned out to be a tattoo of her initials on his butt. Unsurprisingly, Amelia and Bennett decided to stay together, and they are happily married still.

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