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Most Heartwarming Moments From The Show’s 8 Seasons

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There are plenty of heartwarming moments throughout 90 Day Fiance’s eight seasons, from Kenny coming out to Kyle and Noon’s airport scene.

Over eight seasons, 90 Day Fiancé has given fans an inside look into some unconventional relationships. While there have been countless dramatic moments over the course of the show, fans have been surprised by the show’s more genuine and heartwarming moments. They have fallen in love with couples and become invested in their relationships. Here are some of the sweetest moments throughout the course of the long running series.

One scene that nearly every couple gets in 90 Day Fiancé are the staple airport scenes where the couples embrace each other either for the first time, or the first time after a long period apart. After so many seasons, fans can usually tell from this first scene whether or not the couples will stay together after the show ends. Seeing the pair break down at finally being able to hold each other in person never gets old and is easily some of the most heartwarming scenes in the show. One of the sweetest airport scenes came from season three fan favorites, Kyle and Noon, and fans could immediately see the couple’s love for each other when Kyle started crying.

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Speaking of Kyle and Noon, most fans would agree that their whole relationship was very heartwarming to watch, even naming them one of the show’s top success stories. Kyle told his Thai fiancé, Noon, that he had not spoken to his parents in years, saying it had been a decade since he talked to his mom. Noon was a supportive partner and encouraged him to reconnect with his mom in one of the kindest moments from the show. Fans saw how they wanted to make each other happy, especially when they got married in a Thai Buddhist temple so she would feel closer to home. Fans discovered that after the show aired, Kyle and Noon even moved to her native Thailand temporarily in order to take care of her father.

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Arguably one of the most wholesome couples from the entire franchise is season 1’s Kirlyam and Alan, who met when he was on a Mormon mission in her native Brazil. After meeting when they were quite young, they reconnected at a mutual friend’s wedding and started dating soon after. Fans were rooting for them from the start, and one of the episodes that solidified that was seeing how she was welcomed into Alan’s family. Who could forget when Kirlyam and Alan played charades with his parents after dinner because she was feeling homesick and missing her parents before the wedding. This couple is together to this day, and the pair is about to welcome their second child.

Season 3’s Loren and Alexei had a genuine moment when Loren opened up about having Tourette’s Syndrome. She was very emotional when she sat down to talk to Alexei’s parents about it, and there heartfelt response was one of the greatest moments on 90 Day Fiancé. Alexei’s parents essentially told her that they would love her no matter what, and her mom said Loren “went instantly into her heart.” The pair are still happily together doing 90 Day’s commentary show, Pillow Talk, and are expecting a second child soon.

Another telltale sign about whether or not a couple is going to work is seeing how they treat their partner’s children. Tarik and Hazel have had a bumpy road from Before the 90 Days to season eight of 90 Day Fiancé, where they were having frequent arguments over their shared ex-girlfriend while looking for a new girlfriend, all while planning their own wedding. However, fans were happy to see that Hazel’s relationship with Tarik’s autistic daughter, Auri, was a priority. Though fans bashed Tarik for some of his treatment towards Hazel, watching Auri and Hazel meet for the first time and having Auri give Hazel a big hug was a priceless moment for the couple.

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Another time children saved the show and highlighted the gentler sides of a couple was in season seven Juliana and Michael’s relationship. Though fans were initially skeptical of this couple because of the 90 Day trope of a young woman and much older man, they found that this pair might be the real deal. No moment made it clearer than when Juliana met Michael’s adorable kids from his previous marriage for the first time. Juliana seemed nervous to meet them, but watching as his two children described the Brazilian inspired breakfast they made for her was easily one of the most heartwarming moments on the show. Michael’s children also both spoke at Juliana and Michael’s wedding where they embraced Juliana in another touching moment.

Michael Juliana 90 Day Fiance

Fans loved Devar and Melanie’s relationship, lauding how well he treated Melanie and her then 11-year old son, Hunter. Melanie introduced her Jamaican beau over Skype and they seemed to get along great, with Devar affectionately calling Hunter “little man.” When they met in person for the first time, Hunter and Devar were both nervous, but Hunter quickly warmed to Devar, showing him a football and giving him a tour of their house. In another sweet moment, Devar also had helped Hunter put on a suit and the Hunter’s voiceover said that Devar being his stepdad was something he was excited about.

The original 90 Day Fiancé is not the only version with some touching moments that fans loved to see. The Other Way dealt with some serious issues, such as Armando coming out to his conservative Mexican family with his now-husband Kenny’s support. Another popular couple from The Other Way is Deavan and Jihoon, with Deavan being apart from Jihoon for most of her pregnancy. In a sweet, if not slightly traumatizing scene, Jihoon’s parents watched with Jihoon via video call as Deavan gave birth. Watching as Jihoon cried during the birth of his first son, Taeyang, was moving.

90 Day: The Single Life also had its fair share of heartwarming moments, especially when Danielle finally got closure after Mohamed’s comments about her hygiene. Molly also introducing her boyfriend, Kelly, to her daughter and the three going kayaking together was a nice reprieve from the usual drama-filled scenes. Though most fans remember all of the legendary deportation threats, crazy fights, and inevitable divorces, there is no doubt that there are some genuine moments found throughout eight seasons of 90 Day Fiance.

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