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Motorola Razr fans welcome the new smartphone with high enthusiasm over social media

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In recent news, the smartphone manufacturer, Motorola, is just about to launch its latest version for the exemplary Razr flip-phone & surely, the buzz for the same among the fans is incomparable. The fans of its groundbreaking original make recently stormed the social media platforms while welcoming this latest version. This much-awaited smartphone is all set to launch starting 9th January.

As per one enthused user over Twitter, this new Razr phone has been bringing her all kinds of nostalgia like a memory lane going all the way to the past. She also noted that she has been missing her old flip-version phones. The popularity of flip phones was so much so that the users go as far even to say that they will surely ditch their smartphones just to get the old Razr variant back.

Back when they had just arrived in the year 2004, these phones were the trend, and almost everyone had one or maybe even two. Even as the latest variant of the Razr is soon to be available at the pocket-draining cost of $1500, this phone is acquiring some substantial welcoming and reviews given the performance and style. Motorola has been noted to have successfully conquered the problem that had ailed smartphone users for long in terms of creating foldable screens for cellphones. Tech giants like Huawei and Samsung have faltered when it comes to creating the Mate X and Fold models, respectively.

Jessica Dolcourt, from CNET, mentioned that this latest model by Motorola is highly streamlined and utterly pocketable. The variant is nostalgic and with a futuristic edge for the users. As per information, the latest Motorola Razr comes with a screen size of 6.2 inches that fold into half. Not just that, this nostalgic beauty also carries a whopping 16MP camera. While this throwback beauty isn’t something that can compete with the present-day iPhone, it can surely be expected to serve as a popular choice among the users of mobile devices.

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With every good news, there are always the naysayers who diss the company’s efforts to bring about the lost nostalgia. According to some tech enthusiasts, the mechanism introduced with the Razr flip phone might be a bit too outdated when it comes to the fast-tracked world that is digitally-obsessed. From hanging up the phone on someone in a satisfying manner to that amazingly stylish look, flip smartphones have always been a favorite among the users.

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