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Movierulz2 – Everything you need to know about illegal movie download site

issues To Know Before Using Movierulz2

On the world wide web, thousands of websites are providing people with entertainment that is too free of cost and Movierulz2 is one of them. These websites do not have the legal right to showcase those movies, and henceforth, are illegal. 

Millions of people use these sites to download movies to watch. One cannot even estimate a rough number, about how many movies are downloaded illegally every day. In India, downloading a pirated movie may be illegal, but is not considered a punishable offense. 

The Bombay high court issued a statement that explains that it can be considered punishable only if someone is selling or making money by exhibiting or public viewing without the consent or rights of the owner. Most of the downloads happen in the second world and third world countries, where there is poverty and the government has not enforced laws regarding it. 

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A Quick Overview

Do you love watching movies? Here’s the solution for you!! Movierulz2 is one of those Indian websites that allow people to watch movies for free as it gives them lots of movies to choose from. With a convenient app size of 4MB, this website consumes the least space on your device. Furthermore, this link enjoys millions of visitors and more than 50,000+ downloads every day, making it popular and reliable. 

It comes with a simple interface so you can simply browse the website and get your favorite content in less than no time.

Guide To The Features of Movierulz2

Check out some of the features of this website that make it worth giving a try.

  • It is absolutely free of cost.
  • Movies and series are available in many languages.
  • It has Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood movies in its library.
  • This website has almost all the genres of movies and series to choose from.
  • Available in high definition to standard definition quality.
  • You can watch it on a small application of 6 megabytes.

 Possible Reasons behind its success

Even though movierulez2 is a pirated website, this is still counted amongst the most successful websites with millions of visitors every day. Here are some reasons that add to its success story.

  • The platform is mostly used by the people from South India and by the Non-Residential Indians. They can choose to watch in any language they want. Like any other pirated website, it cannot be used through Google. Since there is no set limit of downloads, one can download as many movies as he can. Although it is banned in India and the US, it is not a criminal offense to watch or download movies from this website.
  • From comedy to drama, from horror to documentaries, all of them are available. It includes hundreds of, latest series that are available on paid or free OTT platforms like Netflix and MX Player. These became popular as they provide every movie dubbed into their native language, which makes it easy for the audience to understand the movie.
  • Another reason behind its popularity is the lockdown imposed by the government which forced many people to stay inside their houses. This increased the amount of time in hand for many people which induced boredom. They got drawn into these sites as they were free of cost and entertaining. 

 How to Download Movies From Movierulz2?

Below is mentioned the step-by-step procedure to fetch your favorite content from this website. Have a look.

  1. First of all, you need a good VPN to download the application or the movie.
  2. Once you open the website or app, click on the search option given at the top and enter the name of the movie you want to download.
  3. After that, press the enter button or click on search. There will be multiple options to choose from.
  4. Click on the one you want to download
  5. As soon as you reach this page, there will be a box saying download. Here, you can choose the language and the quality you want it to be downloaded.
  6. Click on download and wait for it to get finish. Easy peasy, right?

 Some minor issues To Know Before Using Movierulz2

It’s a great website to use. However, one must be aware of the rules and regulations of the country. Keep in mind that you are in as not every county allows online piracy. When the government bans one of its links, it changes the domain name and comes back to service.

  • It is operated from an undisclosed place, outside India and they never reveal their identity as they know what they are doing is not approved and is illegal.
  • Due to platforms like these, the film industry suffers a huge financial loss of almost 1800 crores rupees in a year. They are trying to nullify this illegal industry but have not gained any success yet.
  • Websites like these are banned by Google and other browsers and you might need a virtual private network or VPN to access, watch or download these movies.
  • The downside of these platforms, other than the financial loss to the global movie industry, is that these sites are not regulated by any governing body.


 These websites aren’t safe for the devices as they are uploaded by unknown people, who won’t even check for viruses before uploading them online. Since they didn’t check, it came down to us to check, delete and inform others about the presence of a computer virus. Those files could also contain spyware that might result in unwanted advertisements, pop-ups, reduction in speed of the internet, and possible online identity theft.

 It is advised that one should either reduce the amount of time spent on these sites or should ignore these sites completely as they can damage your device. Also, try watching movies on the certified platforms that contribute financially to the economy.

This guide is all about the information and we not promoting this illegal activity. You can indulge in this act at your own risk. 


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