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Nashville Tornado Killed At Least 24 People: Check Full Report Here

Nashville Tornado

While some cases of Coronavirus reported in Florida and New York, another problem socked the country as the tornado activity ripped through Nashville and other areas of Tennessee and killed almost 24 people, according to the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.

The Nashville Tornado was just one of three to hit the city on early morning Tuesday and flattened homes, tossed aeroplanes, downed power lines, and destroyed a lot.

The deadly tornado reached Middle Tennessee and touched Nashville Tuesday morning with the 155 mph — EF-3 tornado level and did major destruction by letting 47,000 people without power and dozens of buildings collapsed.

While 24 people reported dead, 77 people are still missing and 88 injuries reported at the Tuesday night press briefing. More than 30 people are now getting treatment at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, hospital officials said that they injured by flying debris. There are also some people are still unaccountable.

As we know that voting is going on, the Nashville Tornado also affected voting in Tennessee as the state is considered as one of the stronger states of 14. So some polling sites have been moved from Nashville.

If you want to help victims, then you can reach the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund and donate some funds. You can check exclusive images of Nashville Tornado:

Nashville Tornado image 1

Nashville Tornado image 2

Nashville Tornado image 3

Nashville Tornado image 4

Nashville Tornado image 5

Nashville Tornado image 6

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