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Nemesis (Perks, Tips, & Strategies)

Dead By Daylight Resident Evil Nemesis fire

Many famous monsters and slashers from popular horror media have featured as the killers across various DLC chapters in Dead By Daylight, and Resident Evil‘s Nemesis, or, The Tyrant, is the latest addition. Coming in June 2021, the Resident Evil DLC chapter of Dead By Daylight includes new killer Nemesis, new survivors Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine, and an all-new indoor map to play on modeled after the Raccoon City Police Station. Nemesis also introduces new mechanics never before seen for killers in Dead By Daylight. Based on the character reveal and player test build, Nemesis is wildly powerful and will likely cause survivors a great deal of grief as he wastes their time and slowly kills them.

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Like the other Dead By Daylight killers, Nemesis has two main powers and three Perks that can eventually be taught and used by other killers. He has no real weapon, attacking instead with his tentacle, his T-Virus infection, and his fists. Unlike other killers, Nemesis will be joined by a pair of zombies, AI Enemies who can attack and infect survivors in Nemesis’ stead. He also has more than a dozen possible add-ons to augment his abilities even further. Here is everything players should know about Nemesis’ abilities and strategies for playing as the monstrous Resident Evil 3 crossover villain in Dead By Daylight.

How to Use Nemesis’ Powers and Perks in Dead By Daylight

Nemesis, the Tyrant from Resident Evil in Dead by Daylight

In Dead By Daylight, Nemesis is a powerful killer, though he only uses Raw Fists as a basic attack. His special attack is a Tentacle Strike. This attack begins at mid-range and mid-power, but the T-Virus in Nemesis can increase both range and power as his Mutation Rate increases. At Mutation Rate 2, Tentacle Strike becomes powerful enough to destroy breakable walls and Pallets. At Mutation Rate 3, Tentacle Strike can reach slightly further.

To increase Mutation Rate, Nemesis will need to land hits with Tentacle Strike. Each time he hits a survivor, it will add the Contamination status effect to that character. A second hit with Tentacle Strike damages a Contaminated survivor, and a third will down them.

Contaminated survivors will need to stop and search for a Vaccine, available in some of the Supply Cases around the map. There are only a limited number of these available. Survivors who have been Contaminated will also cough, revealing their position. Additionally, thanks to the Killer Instinct mechanic, once a survivor has been healed with a vaccine, their location will also be revealed for a short time.

Nemesis, Jill, and Leon in the Resident Evil Chapter of Dead by Daylight

The Resident Evil DLC chapter for Dead By Daylight will also include a few helpers to make Nemesis’ job even easier. Two zombies will also spawn with Nemesis and roam around the map. These are the first ever AI enemies. Zombies can also attack survivors and contaminate them with the T-Virus, damage, or down them just like Nemesis does. Nemesis can use Tentacle Strike to destroy a zombie, increasing his Mutation Rate. However, if he does so with his basic attack, it will not grant an increase to Mutation Rate. Survivors can defeat Zombies using Pallets, but this is only temporary. The Zombies will respawn in 12 seconds, or less with Add-Ons.

Nemesis comes with three new killer Perks. Initially, these are only available to Nemesis, but, after reaching certain levels, they can be taught to and used by other killers. The Perks include:

  • Lethal Pursuer: At the start of the Trial, every survivor’s aura is visible to Nemesis for 5 to 7 seconds. Teachable at Level 30.
  • Hysteria: When Nemesis injures a healthy survivor with his basic attack, any injured survivors will suffer from the Oblivious status effect for 20 to 30 seconds. Teachable at Level 35.
  • Eruption: When Nemesis kicks a Generator, it becomes highlighted in yellow. When Nemesis puts a survivor in a Dying State after a basic attack, all kicked Generators will explode, regressing their progress by 6% and causing their auras to disappear. Survivors repairing Generators that explode will scream and suffer from the Incapacitated status effect for 10 to 14 seconds. Teachable at Level 40.

While all three can be useful, playstyle will dictate which ones a player equips and which they borrow from other killers. Eruption is likely to be a popular option, as it is not quite as obnoxious as other Generator-hindering Perks but can still cause significant trouble for survivors.

Players can include several Add-Ons to increase Nemesis’ powers as well. Of the multiple options available, the most useful are likely to be the following:

  • Damaged Syringe: Moderately increases Vaccine injection time and slightly increases Killer Instinct duration after survivors use the vaccine
  • Adrenaline Injector: Considerably increases Killer Instinct duration after a survivor uses a Vaccine
  • NE-a Parasite: Causes Contaminated survivors to suffer the Oblivious status effect for 60 seconds
  • Depleted Ink Ribbon: Moderately reduces Zombie respawn time, moderately increases Zombie movement speed, and causes destroyed Zombies to respawn at an Exit Gate when all five Generators have been repaired

It is likely there will be even more Perk and Add-On combinations as players begin experimenting with Nemesis and other killers’ teachable Perks.

Other popular killer characters in Dead By Daylight, including The Spirit, Freddy Kreuger, and The Huntress, have eventually been nerfed to create more balanced gameplay. As the Dead By Daylight Resident Evil DLC has not yet released, and given the incredible power Nemesis wields, it is possible fans will see Nemesis similarly nerfed. This may change the strategies players should use when choosing to play Nemesis.

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Dead By Daylight is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Chapter XX: Resident Evil launches June 15, 2021.

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