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Netflix’s The Witcher Season 2: Release Date, Cast, & More News About The Witcher 2


With Netflix’s The Witcher fantasy drama series, the Superman Henry Cavill has turned into the warrior and stormed Netflix with the great content. The Andrzej Sapkowski’s best-selling fantasy novel based-The Witcher is not available on Netflix and now getting some great reviews from fans around the world.

Whether you have watched The Witcher Season 1 or not, we won’t reveal any major detail of the series. Still, here we are gonna talk about Netflix’s other popular Game Of Thrones like fantasy drama The Witcher 2 release and more.

The Witcher already adopted the popular video game, and now the new TV series has gotten a great response from viewers as the story of Geralt-the monster killer takes us to the mysterious past with magic and danger. The series of lush European destinations used to evoke the books’ fantastical realm that attracts more views to watch the drama as they have been waiting for great content like this.

When will The Witcher Season 2 come?

Earlier in November, the maker of the show Lauren S Hissrich already said that “Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri will be back for more adventures… in Season Two.” They made this statement before the release of the season one The Witcher. And also, Netflix confirmed about show. But they haven’t revealed the release date of The Witcher 2. Still, we can consider the pre-production, cast, and shoot; we can expect the second season of The Witcher in Christmas 2020. So if you are wondering that “Will there be a second season of The Witcher?”, then I guess you have got your answer here.

Also, Hissrich has an interview with Radio Times and confirmed that the story of the new season of The Witcher has already been written but the team is working on some changes. So, it will take some time.

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The Witcher Season 2 story

Well, we can’t spoil the season one as well as season two, but we can say that the series is adapted from the Sapkowski’s short story collections – The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny. So it is a mix-up of novel and short stories. It’s not like Game Of Throne even you cannot assume what will the story of season two.

As The Witcher saga has four novels- Time of Contempt, Baptism of Fire, The Tower of the Swallow, and The Lady of the Lake, we may be seeing at least four seasons of The Witcher. But Hissrich also wished she would love to see at least seven seasons of the show. 

Have you watched season one of The Witcher? Do you think that it could be the best Game of Thrones alternatives? If you want to share some reviews about The Witcher season 1, then feel free to drop it in the comment box. We would love to hear from you. Are you excited for the second season of The Witcher on Netflix? 

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