New Apex Legends comic heavily hints at next Heirloom

New Apex Legends comic heavily hints at next Heirloom

Respawn dropped another Apex Legends comic today that appears to hint further at Loba receiving the game’s next Heirloom.

In a four-page comic shared to the official Apex Twitter account, the developer revealed more lore focusing on Loba and her partner Jaime. The first page of the comic shows the two in the process of moving out: Jaime is reminiscing on their adventures as he packs up their items. A mysterious woman who reveals herself as one of Loba’s thievery clients breaks in and heckles Jaime about Loba ending a contract with her.

In the latter half of the comic, the woman admonishes Jaime to watch out for Loba. “She’s not prey anymore. She’s the predator,” she warns. Jaime fights back, but the woman isn’t hearing any of it.

After she leaves, Loba arrives, and it’s revealed that she was eavesdropping the whole time. On the very last page, she references her fan, which many believe will be her Heirloom this season. “The replica is nearly done. I made a few modifications to the design that my enemies will just love,” she says about it. The comic ends with Jaime giving Loba a tool that will get her into secret underground facilities underneath Kings Canyon and with Loba threatening to come for “Demonio,” presumably Revenant.

This comic is the second in a digital series that Respawn has been sharing with fans via Twitter for the last few weeks. Many believe that Loba’s fan will be this season’s Heirloom thanks to its prominent appearance in both sets of comics. Respawn has yet to announce an event or anything similar, so it’s unclear for now if fans guessed correctly.

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