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New Battlefield 6 Leak Puts Most Of the Reveal Trailer Online

New Battlefield 6 Leak Puts Most Of the Trailer Online

Those eager to watch the Battlefield 6 reveal don’t have to wait long, as reports claim that 80% of the trailer is already leaked online.

Though EA and DICE have been slow to reveal much of anything about Battlefield 6 , reports claim that fans waiting for the game’s reveal can already watch 80% of the trailer it online. Leaked images from the June reveal trailer have made the rounds across the internet and show off most of the trailer.

Much about Battlefield 6 has been leaked over the past month, with each leak giving away more key details about the game than the last. Though previous iterations of the action-packed FPS have dived into warfare both present and past, the next Battlefield will reportedly explore the future of combat for the first time since Battlefield 2142. A handful of images have shown off a rocket launch, a robot dog, and plenty of chaos ensuing across the battlefield, though whether the images come from a campaign or multiplayer mode isn’t yet known. Some have noted that the images place Battlefield 6 in a near-future setting, and the latest leaked material seems to fully confirm that.

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According to DualShockers, industry insider and leaker Tom Henderson claimed that “80%” of the anticipated Battlefield 6 reveal trailer is already available following an image dump surfacing elsewhere online. The images, which show off a wide variety of scenes ripe for dissection by the biggest Battlefield fans, cover nearly the entire trailer which is supposedly releasing in June. Most of the images are blurry and have a meme watermark covering the center, but plenty of Battlefield 6 details can be extracted from the stills, including a confirmation of the game’s near-future setting.

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Battlefield 6 Trailer Leak Screenshot


The next installment of Battlefield, which is expected to release during the holidays, is also reportedly getting a battle royale mode. Details surrounding the BR mode are slim, but fans are expecting Battlefield to come up with something bigger and better to compete with Call of Duty: Warzone. As for the trailer, fans have strung together the leaked images to create a make-shift version on Imgur for people to watch, though it’s hard to get the full effect without music and the meme face cutting off half the image. Still, plenty can be gleaned from the leaked images, specifically the failed rocket launch and hints of massive weather events affecting gameplay (and likely story).

Since the images are leaks, it can’t be fully trusted. True Battlefield fans will have to wait until the official trailer releases in June, with EA having only so far debunked a rumor about Battlefield 6 skipping PS4 and Xbox One. For now, the images will have to do to build up the excitement surrounding what could be the best Battlefield game in a long time. A near-future setting, an epic battle royal mode, and a robot dog could be the makings of a successful entry for Battlefield 6.

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Source: DualShockers, Imgur

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