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New Masters Of The Universe Action Figures Include An Aged-Up Evil-Lyn

Evil Lyn and Skeletor

Mattel releases images of its new Masters Of The Universe: Revelation action figures. Kevin Smith directs the next installment in the media franchise.

Mattel’s promotional photos of its new Masters of the Universe toy line reveal a slightly older Evil-Lyn based on the version of the character in Kevin Smith’s upcoming series, Masters of the Universe: RevelationThe Clerks director helms the latest television installment in Mattel’s fantasy media franchise from the ’80s. The franchise is based on action figures produced by the company, which spawned mini-comics based on the characters, followed by animated TV shows, DC Comics, and a live-action movie. Filmation’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is the best-known property in the franchise and has become an iconic piece of fantasy pop culture since it premiered in 1983.

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Masters of the Universe takes place on a fantasy planet, Eternia, populated by sorcerers of both the good and evil variety, as well as mythical fantasy beings. He-Man is the hero of the story, who uses his superhuman strength to defend Eternia from Skeletor, a power-hungry, dark sorcerer. He-Man’s struggle with Skeletor lies at the center of MOTU lore, with supporting characters entering the story on either side of the battle as the franchise developed over time. Netflix announced in 2019 that it had two new MOTU projects in the works: a family-friendly reboot of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and Smith’s animated sequel series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation. 

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Mattel has released the first images of its upcoming line of action figures ahead of Revelation‘s July 23 premiere, including an aged-up Evil-Lyn. The line also features imperceptibly older versions of He-Man and Skeletor, as well as the core characters, Moss Man and Battle Cat, He-Man’s bulked-up former house pet. The Masterverse collection has six figures total and will be available for purchase on June 15. Each figure is made with 30 points of articulation or more, giving them a greater range of motion, and they come equipped with accessories from the series. Here’s what Mattel’s new Evil-Lyn action figure will look like with and without her helmet:

Mattel's Evil-Lyn action figure from Masters of the Universe Revelation.
Mattel's Evil-Lyn action figure from Masters of the Universe Revelation.

Along with the other characters in the toy line, Evil-Lyn is older than she is when she last appears in the main plotline, but only marginally. The action figure’s white hair isn’t a marker of old age, but rather a physical feature that’s consistent with past renditions of the character. Smith’s series picks up where the 1983 series left off and seeks to tie up some loose ends that still nag at fans of the old cartoon. The first episode of the new series will resemble the old series, but an unspecified “cataclysmic event” will change the course of the narrative for the rest of the show. Evil-Lyn will be voiced by a perfectly cast Lena Heady, who’s joined by Chris Wood as He-Man, Mark Hamill as Skeletor, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Teela, and Justin Long as Roboto.

Smith’s nostalgic sequel is by a fan, for fans, and clearly intended to capture the spirit of the original. It’s only right that Mattel is releasing a new line of action figures to complement the series so that adults who watched He-Man in their youth can relive the full experience. The pitch behind Masters of the Universe: Revelation is a promising one: to wrap up the unfinished storylines and unanswered questions of the original show, while exploring the classic characters on a deeper level. Evil-Lyn is perhaps the most compelling character in the series, as she simultaneously serves as Skeletor’s dedicated underling while openly admitting to her ambition to one day overtake him. Mattel’s action figure is an exciting sneak peek of the character’s newest form.

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