Nick Cordero’s Death Shows COVID-19 Complications Continue Long After the Virus Is Gone

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A type of life-threatening issues Nick suffered is blood clotting, which docs tried to fight with blood thinners. Sadly, that remedy prompted inside bleeding and finally the shortage of blood circulation to his decrease proper leg necessitated amputation.

Nick sustained extra issues together with septic shock and extreme harm to his lungs. As he emerged from a coma in mid-Might, the Waitress star confirmed constructive indicators that he escaped extreme mind harm. Sadly, different well being points endured.

A persistent lung an infection and extended reliance on a ventilator prompted many issues. Nick had minor blood infections final month in keeping with his widow, who says the infections prompted issues with blood strain. She maintained hope for a restoration till the top.”

No person is aware of for positive why some in any other case wholesome folks react so severely to this virus. Researchers have solely identified of this novel coronavirus since late 2019, so research of its results on totally different populations are nonetheless ongoing. Nevertheless, there are some theories. One avenue of analysis could contain sequencing the genomes of younger sufferers who didn’t have underlying well being circumstances to find out whether or not they have genetic markers in widespread that will have led to their extreme reactions.

One other concept is that for some younger sufferers, the severity of the response may very well be due to not a suppressed immune system however a hyper-reactive one.

The phenomenon is named a “cytokine storm” as a result of it’s prompted when the cytokine proteins which might be a part of the immune system trigger an overreaction to an unfamiliar pathogen, comparable to a virus. However in its battle to suppress the international invader, the immune system additionally assaults the lungs, which could result in the extreme harm docs have been seeing on scans, in addition to the acute respiratory misery, clotting, and different points.

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