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Nicki Minaj’s 10 Most Popular Music Videos (Ranked By YouTube Views)

Nicki Minaj music videos

Having sold over 137 million records around the world, Nicki Minaj has certainly made her mark in the music industry. As one of the most popular artists of her generation, Nicki has put her own unique rapping style into the world, keeping people entertained with some fantastic songs. This has led to her being able to be involved in various movies and television shows as well, growing her popularity.

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With four albums to her name at this point, Nicki has proven her ability on a consistent level, and she continues to raise the bar with each one. However, as is the case with all music artists nowadays, it isn’t just the songs themselves that matter. Music videos can be crucial to the success of a song, especially with the popularity of YouTube, but this is another area where Minaj thrives in.

10 Beez In The Trap (Explicit) ft. 2 Chainz (203 Million Views)

Nicki Minaj wearing a green wig and holding a stack of money surrounded by two girls

The fact that Nicki Minaj has 10 music videos with over 200 million views on each one is a true testament to the star power that she currently brings to the music industry. While this might be the lowest of the list, these are numbers that most artists would be proud of as their top-performing video.

The video itself is entertaining to watch, flicking between Nicki and 2 Chainz performing, with the focus being totally on them, to a live nightclub experience, where they’re present again. It gives a good vibe to the song and how it could be enjoyed on a night out, while also highlighting the performers themselves.

9 High School (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne (225 Million Views)

The music video for "High School" with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj is someone who loves to collaborate with others, bringing different styles and artists into her music. Lil Wayne is someone she’s worked with multiple times, and “High School” is certainly one of her best songs, with the videos view count proving that.

The video for this one is detailed and tells a good story to go along with the song, with her and Lil Wayne playing a big part in that, which is always entertaining for audiences to watch.

8 Pills N Potions (229 Million Views)

Nicki Minaj in the music video for "Pills N Potions"

“Pills N Potions” was released as part of Nicki Minaj’s third album, and it a song that really showcases her vocal ability. The music video for this number, which reached 24 on the US billboard, is one of the most stripped back and relaxed that Nicki has released, which makes it interesting to watch.

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It showcases Nicki, as well as rapper The Game, who makes a cameo appearance throughout. It’s simple with Nicki singing the lyrics, while there are moments where she showcases the effects that pills can have on people, with the emotions being clear.

7 Good Form ft. Lil Wayne (246 Million Views)

Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne together in the "Good Form" music video

Having been released in 2018, “Good Form ft. Lil Wayne” has proven to be one of Nicki Minaj’s most successful hits. The video is extremely well put together, and it features a lot of great dancing, with Nicki often being surrounded by backing dancers throughout the song.

Of course, with Lil Wayne being part of the track, he does pop-up within the video, rapping alongside Minaj at points. This has no doubt helped the video perform so well on YouTube, as many of his fans will have been drawn in to check it out as well.

6 Pound The Alarm (Explicit) (262 Million Views)

Nicki Minaj dancing at the Trinidad and Tobago carnival in the "Pound The Alarm" music video

The music video for “Pound The Alarm (Explicit)” is a tremendous one, which takes Nicki Minaj to her birth country of Trinidad and Tobago. It showcases a different side of her as she embraces the culture, taking part in the national carnival to film the video.

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Because of that, the video has tons of personality, energy, and excitement which works brilliantly with the song itself. There are vibrant colors, plenty of dancing, and a true party atmosphere that comes from the video which makes this an enjoyable one.

5 Starships (Explicit) (404 Million Views)

Nicki Minaj laying on a beach in the music video for "Starships"

“Starships (Explicit)” is one of Nicki Minaj’s most well-known songs, which is why it is no surprise to see that it is one of her most popular music videos as well. This is a song that people will just want to listen to, no matter the video, but that is still entertaining within itself.

The video sees an actual ship searching around an island, which eventually finds Nicki herself. It goes through her entire day as she sings the song, from enjoying time on the beach to performing in a party atmosphere with fire being thrown around in a fantastic visual.

4 Right By My Side (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown (444 Million Views)

Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown together in the music video for "Right By My Side"

Another artist that Nicki Minaj has worked with is Chris Brown, who obviously brings a large number of fans himself, which helps grow the viewership of this video. Chris pops up in the music video as well, with he and Nicki performing the song together.

Throughout the video, it cuts between the two of them singing and rapping, to the acting elements of the whole thing. Here, Nicki is shown with Nas, who plays her partner in the video. They’re shown together as a positive couple, which goes along with the lyrics of the song.

3 Only ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown (469 Million Views)

Nicki Minaj rapping in the music video for "Only"

Speaking of Chris Brown, he worked with Nicki Minaj again on the song “Only” which also happened to feature Drake and Lil Wayne. Considering how much star power is involved in this song, it is no surprise that this video has done so well on YouTube.

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It’s quite a dark one that features Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, with cuts to Nicki and Drake performing it. However, it proved to be popular, winning the Coca-Cola Viewers’ Choice Awards for Best Video during the BET Awards in 2015, proving it was a hit.

2 Super Bass (888 Million Views)

Nicki Minaj in the "Super Bass" music video

“Super Bass” came from Nicki Minaj’s first album and it was the song that really put her on the map around the world, which is why the music video has proven to be so popular. The video is a colorful one that features Minaj as the focal point throughout.

There are different moments in this video, from the singer in a pink swimming pool surrounded by ice to clones of her dancing. Everything in the video is bright and over-the-top, from the pink plane to the pink Ferrari, but it is a fun visual experience that fits the excitement of the song overall.

1 Anaconda (1 Billion Views)

With over one billion views, the music video for Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” has proven to be a true hit for the singer. This was the first female rap song in history to gain over one billion views, with the video seeing Nicki Minaj and a group of other women dancing throughout it, sometimes being set in a jungle, other times with a green screen room.

The video won the Best Hip-Hop Video award at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2015, while it was also nominated for Best Female Video. The project was a critical and public hit and is comfortably Nicki’s most popular on YouTube.

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