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Nintendo’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Trailer Reveals X-Men Rise of the Phoenix DLC 2

Nintendo Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

As we expected, Nintendo and Marvel revealed the DLC instalment in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. It’s called “X-Men: Rise of the Phoenix,” at The Game Awards night. So the new fighters and characters of the new universe have been announced.

The trailer of the new Rise of the Phoenix revealed the new fighters in-game such are Phoenix, Gambit, Cable, and Iceman. Nintendo released the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order and now the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 with some new interesting characters.

The new trailer of X-Men: Rise of the Phoenix also revealed that the X-Men has some superpower just like the movie edition, and also, they showcase the most popular Jean Grey with the full story just like the recently released Dark Phoenix.

Talking more about Nintendo’s new game, there will also be the Danger Room Showdown addition and new versus mode where players can fight against each other. You will also get some peek of 3rd DLC, Shadow Of Doom. If you want to know when will RISE OF THE PHOENIX released, then we are glad to tell you that the release date of Nintendo’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is not that far as Nintendo is releasing it on December 23.

Have you seen the new trailer of Nintendo’s MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: X-MEN RISE OF THE PHOENIX? If no, then here’s the full trailer you can see. After watching the trailer, please do not forget to share your opinion about the new Smash Ultimate DLC. Also, which fighter you like the most and want to play him or her.

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Well, Nintendo is also working on its future franchise as they are planning to add some gamers like Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Marvel Knights.

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