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No Downgrade To iOS 13.2.2 After The iOS 13.2.3 Update: Here’s Why

No Downgrade To iOS 13.2.2 After The iOS 13.2.3

Have you upgraded your iPhone to the latest iOS 13.2.3? Want to go back to the iOS 13.2.2? If so, then we are sorry to tell you that you cannot downgrade from iOS 13.2.3 to iOS 13.2.2. Yes, you heard it right!

Recently, Apple revealed that the company is topping signing the iOS 13.2.2 version. The company is taking this step after the one week of releases of Apple iOS 13.2.3 update for iPhones. Hence, you can’t revert to the older iOS 13.2.2 update if you have updated your device to the latest version of iOS. We know that people usually downgrade to the older version because sometimes they find the latest system too buggy and slow. Some also prefer to jailbreak the device, which will give more freedom to the device. In a case, if you want to perfect the backup, then you need to have the Apple singed copy of the iOS version.

If you are wondering why Apple is now letting its users to downgrade to Apple iOS 13.2.3, then let me tell you that Apple has confirmed that the reason is security. Apple wants its users to be more secure. There are some security and improvement made in the latest update, which provides better protection to the users compare to older updates.

For instance, it will also likely stop a new jail-breaking exploit called “checkm8” for iPhone X and older models. Hence, it will force users to install the latest version of the iOS on iPhones, and if the user is running the latest version, then it will be stable and secure for users.

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Talking about the upcoming iOS update, the company is currently working on the next iOS 13.3 update as the iOS 13.3 beta version is available for testing right now. As we have seen a lot of bugs in iOS 13, Apple is deeply on work to provide the next iOS 13.3 better and stable compared to previous updates. Once it gets tested, Apple will release the iOS 13.3, maybe this month or next month. There is no confirm news about any features of iOS 13.3, but screen time communication and additional improvements and tweaks are expecting in the new iOS 13.3 version.

So, are you using iOS 13.2.3 update? Still wants to downgrade to iOS 13.2.2? What you found annoying in iOS 13.2.3? What’s more, you want to see on the next iOS 13.3 update? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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