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Northeast Ohioans divided on mask mandates in stores

Northeast Ohioans divided on supporting stores that require masks

CLEVELAND — As COVID-19 cases rise in Ohio and both local and national stores begin to once again require masks and facial coverings, Northeast Ohioans are divided on whether or not they will support businesses that require masks. 

On Thursday, we asked our dedicated 3News viewers and followers whether or not they plan to shop at stores that are currently enforcing a mask mandate. While many Northeast Ohioans said that they will either continue to support stores with mandates, many also disagreed, saying that they will take their business elsewhere. 

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“Nope, have not seen many mandates just recommendations. I got vaxed to move on from masks, I am done with em” said Tom Slater on Facebook.

“Nope, I will find somewhere else to go,” said one 3News viewer on Instagram. 

“Probably not. I think a lot of stores will lose business because they are tired of it,” one person replied on Twitter. 

Despite many stating their disinterest in supporting businesses with mask mandates, hundreds of other Northeast Ohioans said that they will continue to both support those establishments– and mask up– to keep themselves and their neighbors safe. 

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“Yes, if that’s what it takes for me to stay healthy & help others to be healthy, no problem at all, it’s such a very little thing to do.” Sandra Whited

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“I will wear a mask when I shop. I will wear a mask when I mop. I will wear a mask when I’m told and I’m just sayin….this is getting old” said Susan Kwasny Kettel.

“Unfortunately we need to protect ourselves from the unvaccinated with the delta strain. I wear a mask, and am now avoiding stores that dont require their employees to wear a mask and request customers wear a mask. ” said Fran Hammerly. 

At the end of July, the CDC revised mask guidelines for fully-vaccinated individuals, advising that all Americans wear a face covering while inside of enclosed spaces, regardless of vaccination status. 

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