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Odyssey Expansion Widely Criticized By Fans

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Elite Dangerous fans are angry over the buggy release of the Odyssey expansion, which cost money to unlock and is rife with performance issues.

The latest expansion to Elite Dangerous, Odyssey, is being widely criticized by fans for a myriad of bugs and poor performance. Social media chatter across the internet from the Elite Dangerous community indicates that fans are less than pleased with the release, and the expansion has been review bombed by unsatisfied players.

Elite Dangerous is a major space flight simulation game from Frontier Developments. Unlike other space flight games, Elite Dangerous doubles down on the realistic elements of space flight, with a 1:1 scale open-world representation of the entire Milky Way galaxy. Originally the game was about making money through smuggling, piracy and exploring over 400 billion star systems with fully scaled planets and moons. On release, humanity was the only life form in the entire galaxy, up until October 2016, when an extinct alien race was discovered. This was the last major update before Odyssey, which added the ability for players to explore planets on foot.

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Odyssey released on April 9, and players immediately found the expansion to be filled with bugs and performance issues. According to PCGamer, issues have been encountered by numerous players. It seems that only fans with the most expensive, high-end computers are reporting a smooth gameplay experience. Players are also upset because the expansion reportedly has added very little content to speak of. It has even managed to break a number of working features that already existed in the game, with VR rendering in surface craft and spaceflight now no longer usable.

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In response to this messy expansion launch, many fans have taken to review bombing the game and expansion on Steam; the expansion has a Mostly Negative score at the time of this writing, with only 33% of all reviews reading as positive. This is a big change for Elite Dangerous’ image; the long-running space simulator has had many years to build up a reputation among devoted fans of realistic spaceflight.

This expansion was supposed to be a whole new step for Elite Dangerous, adding in a number of new features and expanding on content that was already part of the game. While the expansion does add a new first-person experience of walking on foot on planets, players are complaining that this new feature has very little substance. While players can now walk on the surface of alien worlds, there’s not much for them to do there. There are also only a handful of different kinds of planets to find and survey; most seem to just be copied and pasted.

It is always unfortunate when a studio releases a buggy update, especially one that players have to pay for. But post-launch support can go a long way toward redeeming a disgraced game; No Man’s Sky has shown to be a great example of how developers can bring back a game from infamy. Hopefully, Elite Dangerous is able to make good on the promises made by the Odyssey expansion.

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Source: PCGamer, Steam

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