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Ohio student featured on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Ohio elementary students featured on

The kindness closet was created to give other students the ability to pick out new or gently used clothes that make them feel confident.

WAYNE COUNTY, OHIO, Ohio — This is so cool!

Andi, a fifth grader from Shreve Elementary in Wayne County, Ohio, is getting some national attention on The Kelly Clarkson Show for creating a kindness closet. It’s a place students can visit during the day to pick out clothing that makes them feel confident.

Andi says she got the idea for the kindness closet after donating a few items to her friend, October.

“I went to my closet when I heard her say that she needed some new girl clothes one day,” Andi said. “I gave them to her privately in the bathroom. She got a little teary, which made me feel good. Then I decided that I wanted to do this for everybody.”

October was very happy that Andi stepped up to help.

“The fact that Andi wanted to help me, and take some time out of her day to help me, made me feel very happy since I have five brothers and I usually wear hand-me-downs to school,” October said. “It was very helpful for me and I felt very warm inside, as one should be. I just gave her a really big hug and I told her thank you. Yes, I started crying because I was overwhelmed with excitement.”

Clarkson also shared she had a similar childhood experience when it came to clothing.

“I grew up in hand-me-downs from church,” Clarkson explained. “I used to get large trash bags from my church. That’s how I went shopping a lot, too. We didn’t have a lot of money.”

You can watch this segment during Wednesday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, which airs at 11 a.m. on Channel 3.

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