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Olympian Oshae Jones serves as inspiration for hometown girls

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The Olympic boxer is in the international spotlight right now, but she’s been inspiring local girls to box for years.

TOLEDO, Ohio — A Toledo boxing gym has gold on the mind, with one of its own competing in Tokyo.

Here at home, she’s inspiring other women who are determined to join her in 2024.

It’s picture day at Soul City Boxing and Romesha Ensley is dressed to kill.

The expression in her photo serves as a snapshot of her intensity in the ring.

“In 2016, Soul City had an Olympian, in 2020, Soul City had an Olympian, in 2024, Soul City is going to have an Olympian,” Ensley said.

Focused on her form, Ensley’s journey began a decade ago… after seeing a future Olympian fight with the boys.

“When I see Oshae spar, she was just so dominant, so she didn’t look like a girl. So, I’ve been inspired, I even get goosebumps now thinking about it,” Ensley said.

Ensley is building a reputation of her own.

She’s training 5 hours a day for a big competition.

“I am competing at Nationals in December, I’ve competed at so many tournaments, many, many tournaments, that I don’t even know the name of all of them. I’ve been number one in the nation before,” Ensley said.

Now, she’s working to match Jones’ golden mentality.

“You have to be tough, and I use the word dominant because that’s really a major word to describe her. In the ring, she controls the ring, she controls the energy,” Ensley said.

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Pictures are treasured in Soul City and spots on the wall of champions are coveted.

Ensley says there’s still room for her.

“Probably in this little empty space right here, that’s right for me,” Ensley said.

She’s already training to join Jones in the 2024 Olympics, and in that space on Soul City’s wall.


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